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I'm done for now.   But eventually I will be adding more, featuring FUTURE families :D

Honorable mentions.... 

-Nic and Nack
-Honey and Candy (I did draw this, but I made Candy much younger than Honey, so I decided to ditch it, because I'd rather Candy be her twin sister)

Let me know if I forgot anybody
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Tiara's Family by Toni-the-Mink
Tiara's Family
The last one in my PRESENT-TIME Sonic family theme, the only other character with an actual parent, Tiara Boobowski and her father Prof. Gazebo

The only ref pic I had of Gazebo was a headshot sketch, so I will give credit where it's due...   I used this pic as a better ref: Sonic X-Treme : Tiara B. and Gazebo Boobowski by DiegoShedyk53182
Cosmo's Family by Toni-the-Mink
Cosmo's Family
This one's a bit of a doozy to explain....

Now keep in mind, this_ISN'T_Sonic X, it's my HEADVERSE

War on Green Gate happens, many of the Seedrians escape the planet and try to find refuge on others.   Earthia, Galaxina, and Cosmo find Mobius, which believe it or not, are_not_unfamiliar with aliens ^^;    They eventually make a home in Mobodoon (Sonic's kingdom) and live a peaceful life there.

Years go by, and by the time Cosmo is eighteen, she enrolls in community college, where Tails teaches and she ends up in one of his classes XD  They get to know each other better, they date, they fall in love, he proposes, she accepts..... and then she gets killed. :(   Poor Cosmo.... I tend to kill her alot in my work, and I absolutely_adore_the girl o_o

In hindsight I probably should've added more Seedrians, because after my research for "The Metarex Saga", after watching the second to last episode, one of the Seedrians refer to Earthia as "their mother" so all the girls must have been born from Earthia (especially since apparently she's over 1,000 years old :P)    Gah, it's confusing...

I'mma just stick to mah headverse, mmkay?
Silver's Family by Toni-the-Mink
Silver's Family
Final round of families, here's Silver with his parents Serena and Crescendo.  

As I said back with Blaze's family, I tend to use the first thing I see, rather than "look around".   Serena and Crescendo were the first Silver parents I came across, so they stuck with me XD    And no, I don't think Shadow is Silver's father and Amy his mother.   That was just something that spouted out of Ian Flynn's mouth, and because he's the official writer for Archie, people mistake it for actual fact....  FORGETTING that Ian actually_doesn't_work for SEGA and therefore doesn't know their inner schematics.  

Both are created and owned by :iconbatcrackers:

As for Silver...   I know he's supposed to be from the future, but since tons and tons of people like to forget that Blaze is supposed to be from another dimension but they don't let that stop them from sticking her into the future world so she can kanoodle with Silver....   So in my headverse Silver_isn't_from the future, but rather from the same dimension Blaze is.


in 200 years, he'll end up having a great-great-great-great-grandson who just HAPPENS to look EXACTLY like him, and was named after him.

So Silver is STILL from the future in a way :rofl:
Blaze's Family by Toni-the-Mink
Blaze's Family
Blaze, alongside the spirits of her mother and father, whose designs were by ChadtheCartoonNut

I know they're probably the most generic forms of Blaze's folks,  but they were the first parents of Blaze I stumbled upon (back when CCN first uploaded this: What Should We Call Her by CCN-Sally-Acorn

Plus the other parents I came across didn't really appeal to me....   they were either Big the Cat, or a-hole royalties used as vehicles to promote Silvaze... :P    These two come across as more legit Blaze parents.

because they were only created for a gag comic, Chaz never gave them names.  I took the liberty of naming them Harold and Solara.

They're fading spirits because they too are deceased.  In "When Two Become One" Blaze explains that when she was 5, her kingdom was invaded by enemies and they murdered her father.  Queen Solara fought them off, but suffered fatal injuries in the process...

When Two Become One- Prologue"When Two Become One"
Written by: Toni F
Sonic the Hedgehog and all related indica (c) SEGA
PROLOGUE: "The Prophesy"
         "Takeshi, settle down!" Queen Aleena ordered her five-year old son, who was zipping from one side of her office to the other.
         "It's Sonic, Mom!" the young blue hedgehog protested, jumping from the bookshelf to a decorated armor statue.  "That's what Unca' Chuck calls me.  He says I can run as fast as the speed o' sound, lika' sonic-boom!"
         "Regardless, you are a hedgehog, not a monkey," Aleena scolded, "Now get down from there before you hurt yourself.
         'Sonic' stood up on his feet at the tip of the armor, getting ready to dive off, but upon standing, the armor wavered back and forth.


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Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog

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-$5 rough sketch
Pigero and Solace by Toni-the-Mink

-$8 cleaned up, B/W, uncolored

-$10 fully colored, shaded, highlighted
Shoko Kazamaru, 10 yrs l8tr by Toni-the-Mink

NOTE: I am not limited to only Sonic. I will draw ANYTHING from any series.

One page counts as one art request. 6 panels maximum to a page.

$5 for a single
$8 for a double

My favorite keychains by Toni-the-Mink

One shots - $10

Chapters - $10 for the first chapter, $5 for each additional chapter

My stories tend to run up to 5-7 pages long, so starting costs are $10 ($5 if it is a continuing chapter)

However, if the oneshot or chapter I am writing exceeds 7 pages, I will tack on an additional $3 per extra page.

Additional $10 If you would like an illustration to go with the story, and for each chapter.

Ex. War of the Worlds - Chapt 1
"War of the Worlds"
By: Toni the Mink
Sonic and related indica (c) SEGA
Chopper the Chipmunk (c) Me (Please don't let one fancharacter scare you off.  He doesn't take center focus)
Set in the ArchieSonic universe.
This takes place after the events from my fancomic "The Metarex Saga".   So be sure to check that out (as well as my fangame walkthrough "Tails Adventure 2") to better understand what's going on.
If not, then just go with it. XD
Cocoa Island was huge.  It had many different areas from beaches, to the forests, to even an ice cap and a volcano.
Despite all of those, there weren't many habitants on the island.  It was a wonder why anybody would want to take it over and make anyone who lived there their slave.  There were once small bands of families at one point, but ever since that self-proclaimed "student of Dr. Eggman" attempt

You will need to provide for me the following....

-If it is an original story or based off a fandom (fanfic)
.......Brief description of each character in the story (age, personality, looks etc.)
-World of the story
-Plot (what you basically want to happen)



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