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I just announced a contest. Gonna enter? 

8 deviants said I'll think about it...
4 deviants said Heck yeah! Your prizes look awesome!
3 deviants said Let's see if you actually go THROUGH with the fancomic first.
2 deviants said Not really interested.
1 deviant said Um, can you finish Sonic's Christmas Blast first? :P



Jul 29, 2014
3:10 pm
Jul 29, 2014
2:04 pm
Jul 29, 2014
8:29 am
Jul 29, 2014
4:41 am
Jul 28, 2014
12:54 pm
....I'm STILL getting harped about "When is [this episode] coming?" or "It's been a year!!!  Are they done yet?!" or getting rather lacking suggestions for episodes....

Look...  It's been more than a year... it's been more than a DECADE since I started NAoStH, and it STILL hasn't been finished, nor will it ever will be.  The only reason I still keep it around is for nostalgic reasons.    But the more I keep it around, the more the youngin's that There aren't going to be "new" episodes, nor the return of old ones that were written when I was once a 14-year old weeabo, so yeah, they're in DESPERATE need of rewrites....

The reason I haven't worked on it, or anything NAoStH-related is because I started it when I was a YOUNG TEENAGER.  I'm going onto 30 now, and I really need to move onto better things than an old, cruddy Sonic cartoon, which don't get me wrong I'll ALWAYS adore it to death, but it is what it is...  an old cartoon from the 90's.   I was a kid back then when I made my "great" project, but because I was a kid myself, target audience tended to be just that: Kids.  Nowadays it's seems it's just the young folks interested, and naive enough to believe this is actually going somewhere...

Bottom line, the reason I haven't dedicated myself to NAoStH is because I've moved on to bigger, better things.   I am writing a novel that I finished, just need to beta read over and over.  I'm working on TWO screenplays (one's collecting dust ATM, however...) and I'm shuffling ideas for a graphic novel. 

I also have a job.  And I'm STILL trying to make that move to Maryland.  

And I'd rather work on one-and-done fancomics ;)

If NAoStH were ever to return, it will more or less be a shrine dedicated to the old days.   If someone happens to come along, sees it, and says, "Hey I've got an idea!" and throws me this awesome pitch, or even better, a WHOLE episode that could fit into the world of NAoStH, sure, I'll stick it in!  

But the more youngins' I see that go, "Here's an episode idea!  Robotnik kidnaps Tails!  Can Sonic save him?" or "Will we see the episodes anytime soon?" to which I constantly answer, "I don't know, soon I hope!" the more I just want to get rid of this headache.


I'm closing the NAoStH group.   Because it's useless to keep it up if I'm not going to do anything new with it anytime soon.    May or may not bring it back to the web, and if I do, like I said, a more-or-less shrine than a project, alongside a shrine to the original AoStH show.   It all depends if I have the time (or dedication) for it.

If you are wondering, "Can't you just let somebody else take it over for you?!"   The answer to that is "No."   I may not have the time for NAoStH anymore, but it's still precious enough that I don't want just ANYBODY to take it and steer it into a direction I'd rather not see it go...   Think of "Dragon Ball Z" when Akira Toriyama stopped writing the manga, but allowed TOEI to make "Dragon Ball GT".   Understand that shipwreck?

So I'm sorry to get your hopes up.  But it's better to let you know now than drag you all along with the idea that this project will actually go somewhere.

"Sonic Christmas Blast" will continue.   I'm REALLY TRYING HARD to get the next part done by Christmas, while at the same time, gathering my thoughts to the new fancomic I plan to write and draw.  You can find it all in my personal gallery.

I'll leave this group open until Sunday night.  You have until then to save anything that's NAoStH-exclusive to your computer.


With love,

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-$5 rough sketch
Pigero and Solace by Toni-the-Mink

-$8 cleaned up, B/W, uncolored

-$10 fully colored, shaded, highlighted
Shoko Kazamaru, 10 yrs l8tr by Toni-the-Mink

NOTE: I am not limited to only Sonic. I will draw ANYTHING from any series.

One page counts as one art request. 6 panels maximum to a page.

$5 for a single
$8 for a double

My favorite keychains by Toni-the-Mink

One shots - $10

Chapters - $10 for the first chapter, $5 for each additional chapter

My stories tend to run up to 5-7 pages long, so starting costs are $10 ($5 if it is a continuing chapter)

However, if the oneshot or chapter I am writing exceeds 7 pages, I will tack on an additional $3 per extra page.

Additional $10 If you would like an illustration to go with the story, and for each chapter.

Ex. War of the Worlds - Chapt 1
"War of the Worlds"
By: Toni the Mink
Sonic and related indica (c) SEGA
Chopper the Chipmunk (c) Me (Please don't let one fancharacter scare you off.  He doesn't take center focus)
Set in the ArchieSonic universe.
This takes place after the events from my fancomic "The Metarex Saga".   So be sure to check that out (as well as my fangame walkthrough "Tails Adventure 2") to better understand what's going on.
If not, then just go with it. XD
Cocoa Island was huge.  It had many different areas from beaches, to the forests, to even an ice cap and a volcano.
Despite all of those, there weren't many habitants on the island.  It was a wonder why anybody would want to take it over and make anyone who lived there their slave.  There were once small bands of families at one point, but ever since that self-proclaimed "student of Dr. Eggman" attempt

You will need to provide for me the following....

-If it is an original story or based off a fandom (fanfic)
.......Brief description of each character in the story (age, personality, looks etc.)
-World of the story
-Plot (what you basically want to happen)



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Short description of the Sonic Boom personalities ^^
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Hi there, Toni.

I recently written a 2 parter journal defending Sonic Boom. I’d appreciate it if you give it a read when you have time.

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Hi, just wishes to know how are you!
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I cannot BELIEVE, as a die-hard Knuckles fan, did not notice your webcam! I'm so...ugh! :X

I freakin' LOVE that webcam! 8-)
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I need your help, Toni. Read the journal and give me your thoughts and opinion on what I should do. :pc:…
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