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-$5 rough sketch
Pigero and Solace by Toni-the-Mink

-$8 cleaned up, B/W, uncolored
Manic + Sonia Boom by Toni-the-Mink

-$10 fully colored, shaded, highlighted
Shoko Kazamaru, 10 yrs l8tr by Toni-the-Mink

NOTE: I am not limited to only Sonic. I will draw ANYTHING from any series.

One page counts as one art request. 4 panels maximum to a page.

$5 for a single
$8 for a double

My favorite keychains by Toni-the-Mink

One shots - $10

Chapters - $10 for the first chapter, $5 for each additional chapter

My stories tend to run up to 5-7 pages long, so starting costs are $10 ($5 if it is a continuing chapter)

However, if the oneshot or chapter I am writing exceeds 7 pages, I will tack on an additional $3 per extra page.

Additional $10 If you would like an illustration to go with the story, and for each chapter.

Ex. War of the Worlds - Chapt 1
"War of the Worlds"
By: Toni the Mink
Sonic and related indica (c) SEGA
Chopper the Chipmunk (c) Me (Please don't let one fancharacter scare you off.  He doesn't take center focus)
Set in the ArchieSonic universe.
This takes place after the events from my fancomic "The Metarex Saga".   So be sure to check that out (as well as my fangame walkthrough "Tails Adventure 2") to better understand what's going on.
If not, then just go with it. XD
Cocoa Island was huge.  It had many different areas from beaches, to the forests, to even an ice cap and a volcano.
Despite all of those, there weren't many habitants on the island.  It was a wonder why anybody would want to take it over and make anyone who lived there their slave.  There were once small bands of families at one point, but ever since that self-proclaimed "student of Dr. Eggman" attempt

You will need to provide for me the following....

-If it is an original story or based off a fandom (fanfic)
.......Brief description of each character in the story (age, personality, looks etc.)
-World of the story
-Plot (what you basically want to happen)





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UPDATE: 9/1/2015 - Round 2 is now over, and while it was close, Joey the Hedgehog managed to beat Detective Shane Friday!  

Now we can move on to Round 9!   Augusten the Raccoon VS. Joey the Hedgehog!  Vote below!

Results of the polls are at the bottom of the journal.

After being inspired by… I decided to do the same thing only with Sonic fancharacters!

Each day I will post a poll with two fancharacters going at each other.    Watchers and passerbys will submit their votes, deciding on art and originality.   Let's see who's the best of the best!

Let the Tournament Begin!! by Toni-the-Mink


1) Augusten the Raccoon - s-m-o-l - Augusten the Raccoon by s-m-o-l
2) Goldstar the Hedgehog - Gamma343 - a suggestion for gamma343 by 957wodash
3) Detective Shane Friday - RyanEchidnaSEAL - My police characters by RyanEchidnaSEAL
4) Joey the Hedgehog - JoeyB1001 Joey the Hedgehog by JoeyB1001
5) Mechanic R Swift the Hedgehog - 0-MidnightBioshock-0 Com: MS Reference Sheet by NikaKitsukaru
6) Dark the Cat - SonikkuFan27 Dark the Cat by SonikkuFan27
7) Switch the Octopus - Cyber-Psycho - Sonic FC: Switch the Octopus by Cyber-Psycho
8) Lexy Lynx - Silvaze126 - {CONTEST} Lexy Lynx by Silvaze126
9) Candy the Fox - SonikkuFan27 - Candy the Fox(base colour) by SonikkuFan27
10) Detective Jonathan Rumble - RyanEchidnaSEAL - My police characters by RyanEchidnaSEAL
11) Madelina - s-m-o-l - Madelina Ref by s-m-o-l
12) Shade the Hedgehog - Gamma343 - Shade The Hedgehog by xXsweet-psychosisXx
13) Enigma the Wolverine - CountMetalEngima by Toni-the-Mink
14) Chaos the Echidna - s-a-s-o-r-i - Chaos the Echidna Profile by Toni-the-Mink
15) Buelanan the Butterfly - Yurakat1 - Princess Buelanan the Butterfly by Toni-the-Mink
16) Chief the Llama - Cyber-Psycho - Sonic FC: Chief the Llama by Cyber-Psycho

ROUND 9: Augusten the Raccoon VS. Joey the Hedgehog

Augusten the Raccoon by s-m-o-l - Augusten the Raccoon by s-m-o-l - Augusten's mother passed away when he was a very young boy, leaving him with his father who wasn't too keen on child care in the first place. His father was a natural born wanderer and thief; he didn't have time for a child. So, he left the young boy with his grandmother on his mother's side, Dorthea, who was more than happy to care for him. Try as she may, Dorthea couldn't keep young Augusten from following in his father's footsteps. He quickly became a sneaky little thing; stealing toys and sweets from the marketplace whilst his grandmother ran errands, resulting in heaps of trouble on his behalf. Despite this, Dorthea was able to teach the boy simple manners and, being a former acrobat herself, taught him the basics on gymnastics, what she could anyway. Augusten never became a full fledged thief until Dorthea's passing, after which he became a thief for hire, which is how he came to know the one and only Rouge, his now rival. She considers him to be an annoyance, a pest at most, considering how often he gets in the way of her missions.

Joey the Hedgehog by JoeyB1001 -  He had the power of a pure energy call Creativity, which means he can/may produce weapons to use against his enemies. he is know as the Cyan Creator by the energy. But sometimes one of his Negative Forms can get lose and get control his will until it's done. The most hostile and bloodiest one is the Nightmare Form, while the most deadliest form is the Shadow Form. Either with or without his powers, he can and will put up a fight.

Vote here:…

Poll will remain active until September 9th

ROUND 8 : Buelanan the Butterfly VS. Chief the Llama

Princess Buelanan the Butterfly by Toni-the-Mink - Buelanan is a young butterfly princess from the planet Niown. She and her mother crash landed on Mobius and were found by Charmy Bee, who brought them back to his kingdom, Honey Hive. While her mother's motives remain mysterious, Buelanan herself is a sweet little girl, albeit naive, who would later become Charmy's best friend, and even goes so far as to crush on him (she will sneak kisses on his cheek now and then, much to his dismay)

Sonic FC: Chief the Llama by Cyber-Psycho - Chief is a very upbeat and curious girl. She's always up for an adventure whether in her time period or another, studying the customs and history of the planet's cultures, in the past, present, and future. Although she's the youngest of her team she's always willing to help her teammates and support them when they need her help. However she's also very stubborn and tends to be a bit of a know-it-all. She always thinks her way is the best and that people should do as she says.


Poll will remain active until September 5th

ROUND 7: Enigma the Wolverine VS. Chaos the Echidna

Engima by Toni-the-Mink - Enigma was trained alongside Espio the Chameleon to be a skilled ninja, though the two had different masters.  Enigma's master, however, was murdered by an unknown force, and Enigma, filled with grief, ran away from home to find the murderer.  Hate, fear, and anxiety filling his heart, he wound up working with Nack the Weasel's gang, Team Hooligan, taking up bounty hunting jobs for a living.  After meeting with Espio again, his former classmate convinced him to leave the evil road he was traveling on, and while Enigma agreed, he still was determined to find his master's murderer.  It was Sonic and his friends who convinced him rvenge and murder was not the way to go, and so he allowed his master's murderer to live, though found solace in knowing he was put away once and for all.

Chaos the Echidna Profile by Toni-the-Mink - Knuckles' younger sister.   Chaos was raised by her great-grandfather Athair in the Mystic Ruins since infancy, after her father took her to him for safe keeping, after war broke out on Angel Island.  When her father never came back for her (he was presumed killed in battle) Athair took it upon himself to raise Chaos as his own, until 11 years later, when Knuckles came across the two during a hunt for the Super Emeralds.  After an Eggman attack (he too was looking for the Super Emeralds), Athair gave his life to save Knuckles and Chaos.  Now with no one left to take care of her, Knuckles takes Chaos back to Angel Island and becomes her new parent figure.


Poll will remain active until September 4th

ROUND 6: Madelina VS. Shade the Hedgehog

Madelina Ref by s-m-o-l - Born into a family of outdoors men, Madelina spent a majority of her childhood outside either hiking with her parents or killing flowers in her own, tiny garden. Her father, Finnian, was a very proud man who was never interested in the 'hustle and bustle' of the towns and cities, much like his father before him, and kept his family safe and secluded in his family's small cabin in the woods. Wren, however, was a city girl herself, and always took Madelina into town whenever they needed to do some shopping. That is, until one screaming fit from the young girl gave an entire shop a power outage.
Madelina's powers only grew from then on, leading to more bad than good; including accidentally sparking a fire on her father's fishing boat just after he taught her how to snap her fingers. After much arguing, and an incident where Madelina accidentally shocked a patch of her younger sister's fur off, her parents finally agreed it was best to turn to Finnian's sister-in-law, Saffron. Paired with Dominic's knowledge with electronics and Saffron's mechanical skills, they managed to come up with devices to at least calm the storm brewing in the young girl; a power stabilizer that glowed a soft orange, much like the gem hidden behind the girl's hair.
Madelina was seventeen when her aunt passed away on the job, electrocuted while repairing one of the stabilizers. The young cat decided to seek further help with upgrades for her equipment then, fearing someone else might get hurt because of her powers or her machinery. So, begrudgingly, she left behind her family.

It wasn't long after that when she stumbled upon a base; Eggman's, she would later find out. Though wary about the much larger man, she saw his robots and machinery, so, she offered him a deal. In return for upgrading her equipment, she would help him in anyway she could. True to her word, Madelina did help the scientist, though not exactly by choice. While Eggman did repair the devices as asked, there was more than a little reprogramming than he let on. Mind control.
The soft orange of her stabilizers turned a harsh red, which set off alarms in the feline's head at first sight. 'Just from the upgrades,' The scientist insisted, 'They're much more powerful now.'
Eggman had control of the girl for months; sending her on fetch quests, siccing her on Sonic and his allies. However, without the correct programming installed into the stabilizers, her powers eventually went haywire. Had it not been for Tails being able to reproduce the correct programming into a new stabilizer and team effort to get Madelina weak enough to hold her down and strap it on, her powers would have eventually fizzled out, leaving her too weak to move. However, the outburst of energy left her weak enough to be bed ridden for a good month, and she was amazed that these Mobians were caring for her even after that uncontrollable mess.

As of now, she has her own little place and her powers have been stable since the incident, which happened eight years before.

Shade The Hedgehog by xXsweet-psychosisXx - Shade is a relatively young hedgehog (only 14) but he can put up quite a fight. his power is erebokinesis, or darkness manipulation, which he can use to create shockwaves, teleport, turn into a ghost-like shadow form, etc. he also wields a dark sword, which he has concealed within his cloak. he never knew his father, but mephiles the dark, who trained him how to use his powers, is like a father to him. He does, however, have a demonic being trapped away within his soul, and it can end up taking control of him if he is not careful.


Poll will remain active until September 4th

ROUND 5: Candy the Fox VS. Detective Johnathon Rumble

Candy the Fox(base colour) by SonikkuFan27 - Candy was born in the planet Luminaria when she grow up she met an alien race of winged intelligent hearts that give her the power of the love and the ligh also those hearts gave her wings so she can fly too. Her weapon of choice is the Love Magic Stick and her pet is Kawaii one of that flying hearts.She can become in a magical girl in her super form.

My police characters by RyanEchidnaSEAL - Jonathan Rumble [echidna on the right] joined the U.S. Army through his college's ROTC program. He went through Ranger School and became a 75th Ranger, serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lybia. After getting out of the Army, he was recruited into the police force and reunited with his best friend Shane, becoming his partner. He went though the SWAT program and became a detective. Unlike Shane, Jonathan is very serious and has little time for jokes, but trusts Shane's judgements.  He is a Systema expert, a professional offensive driver and ace marksman. Jonathan is right-handed, married, with son/daughter twins.


Poll will remain up until September 4th

ROUND 4: Switch the Octopus VS. Lexy Lynx

Sonic FC: Switch the Octopus by Cyber-Psycho - Switch is often a very laid back person. He often stays calm, even during the worst scenario, maintaining a positive outlook. Being an octopus he's both intelligent curios, always willing to learn new things, especially when it comes to biology and anatomy. He has a really good memory, and is quite observant of his surroundings. However, he has an incredibly hard time remembering names of both people and objects, so he often just uses nicknames.

{CONTEST} Lexy Lynx by Silvaze126 - This is Lexy. She's 14 and a sports fanatic. She loves the colours Orange and Yellow because they remind her of her grand parents that have moved on to another place. When she was 5, she was out playing soccer with some of her friends. In the middle of their game, a lightning bolt just came down and struck her. Having miraculously survive the electrocution, she had somehow gained the ability to control electricity. However, the ability to control electricity didn't come without a price, she lost her vision in her right eye and changed her emerald green eyes to a bright yellow. She wears her hair over her right eye to hide the fact that it's extremely dis formed and scares little children.  She spends most of her days out on a court of any kind, playing any sport, or challenging sonic to a duel in anything other than running, cause she knows she's got no shot at winning.


Poll will remain active until September 3rd

ROUND 3: Mechanic R. Swift the Hedgehog VS. Dark the Cat

Com: MS Reference Sheet by NikaKitsukaru -  Mechanic R. Swift The Hedgehog is a lifeform possessing the appearence of a Hedgehog, yet hiding a secret; He's actually a being created by an alien race (opposite to the black arms; essentially good guys), and sent off to Mobius as a means of collecting data and conducting social experiments. Of course, MS was not aware of his purpose, as his alien creators, unlike Shadow's, placed him on Mobius as an infant. His true identity and purpose was kept a secret, even to him. Regardless, his creators always kept track of his individuality and interactions with the mobians (via mental scan), and proceeded with their curiousity of the planet. To this Day, MS regards little of his origins, only that he was adopted by a nice family of Echidna and grew up in a fairly tame childhood. However, with his age progressing, he can't help but wonder where his interesting power of Psychokinesis came from.

Dark the Cat by SonikkuFan27 - Dark has an horrible past because  he lived in a dark forest with his dad and mom but one day a big catastrophe destroyed all the forest, his parents tried to protect him but they couldn't and they died in front of him when he was a 6 years old kid.He growed up and his personality became  colder and he learned fighting techniques and he started to use his occult powers that are energy beams and super strong.


Poll will be active until Sept. 2nd


Round 1 : Round1results by Toni-the-Mink
Round 2 : Round 2 Results by Toni-the-Mink
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Round Nine: Augusten the Raccoon VS. Joey the Hedgehog 

16 deviants said Augusten the Raccoon by s-m-o-l Augusten's mother passed away when he was a very young boy, leaving him with his father who wasn't too keen on child care in the first place. His father was a natural born wanderer and thief; he didn't have time for a child. So, he left t
2 deviants said Joey the Hedgehog by JoeyB1001 He had the power of a pure energy call Creativity, which means he can/may produce weapons to use against his enemies. he is know as the Cyan Creator by the energy. But sometimes one of his Negative Forms can get lose and get control his w


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