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One more week until the 3rd Chapter of Sonic Christmas Blast 2 comic!!!!  :santa:
Because the dA admins will not close NAoStH for me, it appears that my group :iconnaosth: is staying up for a little while longer....

So I'm putting back up as much as I can for now, since come January, I_WILL_be announcing a new contest, so you'll be needing some material to work off of :D
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"Little Blue Riding Hood"
Written By: Toni Ferraro
(fade in)


SCENE 1 - Campsite, in the middle of the forest.

Sonic and Tails set up lawn chairs, jump into them, place on sunglasses,
and sit back in their seats.

SONIC: Ahh... Any sign of Robotnik and his goon patrol?

TAILS: (looks around) Nope.

SONIC: No signs of distress anywhere?

TAILS: Nothing.

SONIC: (stretches back) Then it's nothing more than a nice, peaceful, sunny
      day where we can just sit back and relax... Nothing can go wrong.

(A sudden shriek bolts the two upwards and out of their chairs.  Sonic
throws off his sunglasses)

SONIC: Oops.  Spoke alittle too soon.  Cancel that idea.  Let's go!

(Sonic speeds away.  Tails sighs mournfully, tosses aside his shades, and
follows Sonic)

SWITCH TO - The middle of the forest.

A pack of 5 wolves, dressed very much like a street gang, have cornered
a small girl, who resembles Little Red Riding Hood.

WOLF 1: Where ya headin', missy?

WOLF 2: What's in yer basket of goodies?

WOLF 3: Some goodies for us maybe?

GIRL: Just leave me alone!

WOLF 4 (female): Not 'till ya pay the toll, toots!

(the female wolf grabs for the girl's basket but she snatches it away)

GIRL: That's not for you!

(the last wolf, the gang leader named Wolfgang, grabs her red hood and
pulls her up to his eye level)

WOLFGANG: Well then, we'll just make it ours! (he bares his teeth at her)

SONIC: (v.o) Hey low-lives!

(The wolves look over.  Sonic leans against a tree smirking, while Tails
stands by his side)

SONIC: Have you no shame?  Picking on a poor defenseless kid?

(Wolfgang drops Red and sneers at Sonic)

WOLFGANG: Ah, get lost, ya pint-sized punk!

(the wolves all growl feriously at Sonic while hunching down as if preparing
to pounce.  But just then, Sonic zips off, becoming a blue blur and circles
the first 4 wolves at a fast pace.  When he leaves, we see the wolves'
tails tied together.  Wolfgang tries to undo them.)

(Sonic runs to Red and takes her into his cradled arms)

SONIC: Come on!  Let's blow this meatstand! (He speeds off)

(Tails heli-tails after him, but Wolfgang grabs his neck and pulls his
face close to his, showing his large fierce teeth.)

WOLFGANG: Hey... you're a fox!

TAILS: (choked) So?

(the other wolves come up)

WOLF 2: We don't allow your kind in our neck of th' woods!

WOLF 1: Yeah!  We always 'toiminate' any of them sly, sneaky, clever, know-it-all

(Tails struggles to get free of Wolfgang's grasp)

TAILS: Lemme go!

WOLFGANG: Wut's wrong, kid?  Scared?  You gunna be a big boy and take us
 all on?  (flashes his huge, sharp teeth)

TAILS: Uh... no.  (shouts)  Sonic!  Help!

(Sonic races back and sees the wolves holding Tails.  He taps Wolfgang
and points towards the right)

SONIC: Look!  Is that Marylin Monrobot??

(Wolfgang immediatly drops Tails and all of them quickly look around, all
engaging into wolf whistles)

(Sonic grabs Tails' wrist and dashes away)

WIPE TO - A town, in front of a huge house.

Sonic speeds up and stops to a halt in front of the house, clinging to
Red and Tails' wrists.

SONIC: Here ya are.  Back home, safe and sound.

RED: Thank you, kind sir.  I was afraid they'd get me again.  That's the
    5th time they've ambushed us today.

SONIC: The fifth??  And your family too?

TAILS: Just who are these guys and why are they attacking you?

RED: (opens the door) Come inside, and I will explain.

(She holds the door open for the two as they walk in, much to their suprise.
It turns out this big house is a "Red Riding Hood" enterprise, where a
bunch of girls dressed in red cloaks run around, some holding whicker baskets,
and others on telephones making appointments)

TAILS: It's a bunch of Little Red Riding Hoods!

RED: (nods) Uh-huh.  We run a company of delivering all baskets of goodies
    to sick grandmothers all over Mobius.  (sighs)  But those horrid wolves
    are completely ruining our business!  Taking all those goodies for

SONIC: Who are they anyway?

RED: They are known as Wolfgang's Wolf Gang.  They attack on us Riding
    Hoods and steal all those children's baskets to their grandmothers.

TAILS: That's terrible!

RED: Indeed!  If this keeps up, we'll go out of business, and those poor
    grandmothers will never get better!

SONIC: (holds hands out) No problemo!  You just happened to be rescued
      by Mobius' number one, warp speed, supersonic, way past cool hero...
      (winks) Sonic!

RED: ...And?

SONIC: (slaps face) Dohhh!  I'LL deliver those basket of goodies for you!
      And with alittle luck, I'll even get that wolf gang off your red-cloaked

TAILS: Me too!

SONIC: I dunno, 'lil bud... Those wolves seemed to have a bone to pick
      with you.

RED: Oh yes.  The Wolg Gang absolutely_hate_foxes.

TAILS: How come?

RED: I think it has something to do with feeling upstaged and threatned
    by their sly, sneaky, michivous, and highly intellegant personality.

(Tails crosses his arms and looks content of himself)

TAILS: At least they know what they're talking about!

RED: So they vow to rip to shred any single fox they see.

(Tails droops down, very disturbed on what he just heard)

TAILS: Oh...

SONIC: (scratches head) I don't know how to help you out there, keed.

(A Riding Hood girl comes up and take Sonic and Tails off screen)

GIRL: Just leave it to us!

WIPE TO - A mirror.

Sonic looks in it, admiring the red cloak he was given, now strapped around
his neck.

GIRL: What do you think?

SONIC: Sssnazzy!  Red really goes with my natural blue color.  (waves foot
      as an example)

(Another girl hands Sonic a basket)

GIRL 2: Great!  Here's your first assignment.

GIRL 1: Where's your partner?

TAILS: (v.o) I dunno about this, Sonic...

(He steps in frame, but we only see a pink foot.  The girls go "awww" while
Sonic snickers)

SONIC: What's wrong, Tails?  Pink not your color?

TAILS: (v.o) No...

(Switch to Tails, who is wearing a pink rabbit costume)

TAILS: Don't wolves usually..._eat_rabbits?

SONIC: Don't worry, bud.  The important thing is that you're a two-tailed
      rabbit instead of a two-tailed fox.  Those wolves won't bother you
      one bit.

TAILS: (looks in the mirror and sighs) I kinda wish they would though...

FADE TO -  Outside of the building.

All the Red Riding Hoods are gathered around the two, who are ready to
head off.

RED: We wish you the best of luck!

SONIC: You can count on us!  (leaps into the air, and revs his legs)  Up,
      over, and--

GIRL 2: Skip!

(Sonic stops and drops back to the ground)

SONIC: Huh??

GIRL 2: It's always a tradition for each Riding Hood to skip to their grandmother's

SONIC: Oh... Looks like I can't_skip_that direction.  Up, over, and (deadpan)
      skip. (Sonic skips away)

(Tails giggles and flies after him, but Sonic suddenly speeds back)

SONIC: Y'know, you're suppose to be a bunny... So act like one!

TAILS: Doh... (lands on the ground)

(Sonic skips off and Tails hops after him)

GIRL 3: Do you think they're eligable to become permanent Riding Hoods?

RED: (Watches them leave) Nope.  Not at all.

SPIRAL TO - In the middle of the forest.

The four wolves sit around a poker table.  The first wolf looks at his
cards, which have 4 10s.  He grins maliciously, and pushes in his giant
stack of chips.

WOLF 1: I raise th' stakes at 100 mobiums!

WOLF 2: I fold!


(both wolves place their cards on the table)

WOLF 3: (sly) I'm in.

(The first wolf puts on a fake sorrow act)

WOLF 1: Whatta shame... (shows cards) Four of a Kind!

(the 3rd wolf equally acts sorrow)

WOLF 3: Tooo bad... (shows cards) A Royal Flush!  Hahaha!!  (grabs the
chips and pulls them closer to him)

(Just then, Wolfgang races up to the table)

WOLFGANG: Guess what, gang??

WOLF 2: What's up, Wolfgang?

WOLFGANG: I spy with my huuuge eye another innocent Riding Hood, and as
 an added bonus, he's got a pet rabbit with him!

(the wolves jump up from their seats)

WOLVES: Yeah! / WOO! / Lunchtime!

WOLFGANG: Whatterya standin' 'round' whoopin' for?  Let's catch our prey
 for the day!

(the wolves race off)

SONIC SPIN TO - Another sie of the forst.

Sonic skips down the destined trail while Tails hops alongside.

SONIC: Y'know, this skippin' around business really isn't all that bad!

TAILS: Yeah!  I can get use to this hopping too!

(Suddenly, in front of them, the 5 wolves step out onto the trail.  The
two stop in their tracks)

WOLFGANG: Well, well, what do we have here?

SONIC: Why look, Tails!  It's our little pals, the "I'm so fat and stupid, I make
      a living off harassing innocent people and taking things for a worthy
      cause for my own selfish needs!" squad!

WOLF 1: I'm not fat! (examines self)

(Wolf 2 slaps him)

(Wolfgang bends over to Sonic's eye level)

WOLFGANG: Wut's in th' basket, red?

SONIC: First off, I'm blue.  Second... (opens the basket) Why not take
      a look for yourself?

(Wolfgang pokes his nose in to examine, but there's a sudden *CLAMP* sound)


(He pulls his nose back, and there's a giant rattrap attached to it)

(Sonic tsks and waves his finger)

SONIC: You musn't be so nosey.

(The four other wolves surround Tails)

WOLF 2: *growl* If we can't have goodies, we can have at least a good portion
of meat!

FEMALE WOLF: I got dibs on the rump!

(They're about to pounce the fox dresses as a bunny, but he hops in the
air and on top of all their heads, making them fall face flat on the ground.
He lands next to Sonic)

TAILS: Boy, all that hopping around sure is paying off!

(He and Sonic speed away)

WIPE TO - Wolf Gang Hideout

The pack are circled around each other

WOLF 1: I can't believe they actually made it to that Granny's house!
This insults your wolf gang, Wolfgang!

WOLFGANG: Chill out.  We ain't beat yet!  There's still plenty of them
 sick old ladies that they've got to deliver.  (stands tall)
 And it's their duty to deliver them goodies to them sick grandmas!

DISSOLVE TO - Another part of the forest.

Sonic skips along the path road, holding a new basket for another grandmother.
Tails hops alongside, and they both sing on the way.

SONIC & TAILS: Tra la la la la la la laaa!

SONIC: (while singing) This is real bad for my image...!

SONIC & TAILS: La la la la la laaa!

(Up ahead, Wolfgang pokes his head from a bush and sees the oncoming furries.
He snarls fiendishly and pops back into the bush, facing his gang)

WOLFGANG: Here he comes!  Get ready!

(Sonic and Tails continue down the path until they hear a cry)

VOICE: (v.o) Ohh, help me!  *gag* *HACK* Oh my dear!

(The two cease their movements and head off into the bush, where they find
one of the wolves dressed as an elderly woman, sitting on his bottom with
a quilt wrapped around)

WOLF 2: Oh I feel so ill!  *cough* *gag*  If only I could feel better!

SONIC: Boy, you must really be sick.  (grabs the wolf's nose and pulls it down)
      You look_real_terrible!

(He lets go and the wolf growls, offended)

WOLF 2: Anyway... I could really use a nice basket of goodies about now.

SONIC: Sorry, granny.  But for a condition like yours, you really need
      some medical attention.

(He speeds off and returns as an M.D, medical bag in tow.  He pulls out
a stick)

SONIC: Open your mouth.

(And he quickly shoves the stick in the wolf's mouth, forcing it wide open.
He looks in, seeing down his throat and at his massive lungs)

SONIC: Woah!  Take a look at those tonsils!

WOLF 2: (spits stick back out) Those are my lungs!

SONIC: Really?  You don't say!  (reaches off screen and pulls in a respirator)
      Better put you on a respirator.

(He clamps the mask on the wolf's mouth tightly, then sets the power on
"high".  The respirator forces air into the wolf, and his head expands
to a large, circular height.  Sonic pulls out a pin, and punctures a hole
into the wolf's balloon-like head, popping it and sending the wolf to sail
all over the forest, while the air escapes from his head.  He soars over
the horizon)

(Sonic throws off his doctor suit)

SONIC: Gee, I dunno who'a dumber, Tails.  These guys, or Scratch and Grounder.

TAILS: (chuckles) I wouldn't go that far.

(They walk on)

SPIRAL TO - Wolf Gang Hideout

Wolfgang stands by a chalkboard with two colums on it, one marked "Wolf
Gang" other marked "Riding Hood", which has 7 marks below.  Wolfgang makes
another mark under "Riding Hood".

WOLFGANG: Eight tries, and he manages to get by all of them!

(The other four wolves sit at a table, most with casts on parts of their
bodies.  Wolf 2's head is completely covered with bandages)

WOLF 1: Yeah.  That kid's just as sneaky, quick, and clever as that speedy
blue hedgehog that rescues Mobius.

FEMALE WOLF: (groans and stands up) Don't any of yas get it?  That_IS_the
    speedy blue hedgehog that rescues Mobius!

WOLFGANG: You mean Sonic the Hedgehog??  Wut's he doin' foilin' us instead
 of any of Robotnik's Badniks?

FEMALE WOLF: Maybe Robotnik's not on the prowl... but_we_can fix that!
    (grins evily)

MIX TO - The forst.

Sonic and Tails race down the first path, Sonic holding another basket.

SONIC: Hmm... Our tenth delivery and not a single sign of the Wolf Gang.

TAILS: Maybe they gave up.

SONIC: Or maybe they're trying to call reinforcements.

TAILS: Who'd wanna help them?

(Suddenly, a pair of lasers are shot at them, causing them to screech to
a stop.  In front of them are Scratch and Grounder, holding laser guns
at them while chuckling fiendishly.  The two turn tail, only to meet other
Badniks holding laser guns as well)

TAILS: Badniks!

VOICE: Well, well, well!  If it isn't Sonic and a holiday-mistaken kid!

(Dr. Robotnik walks in, the Wolf Gang right behind him)

ROBOTNIK: Why Sonic, I haven't seen you for awhile!  If I wasn't so evil
 and uncaring, I'd been alittle bit worried about you.

SONIC: (v.o) (gulps) I think_he'd_want to, Tails...

(fade out)


SCENE 1 - Wolf Gang Hideout.

Tails and Sonic are in a cage hung up in a tree, with Scratch and Grounder
in front of them.  Badniks and wolves are spread about and Robotnik and
Wolfgang stand by each other.

SCRATCH: Bahahahaaa!  Nice outfit, Tails!

(Tails crosses his arms and turns away)

TAILS: Oh shut up...

SONIC: (teasing) Actually, he's got a point.

TAILS: You too, Sonic!

(On Robotnik and Wolfgang)

ROBOTNIK: Welp.  I've captured them for you...

WOLFGANG: Yup.  Thanks.  When we need the opposite of good-doing, yer the
 guy to turn to.

ROBOTNIK: Let me finish!  I did something for you, now you do something
 for me.

WOLFGANG: (quirks eyebrow) Like what?

ROBOTNIK: Oh, I don't know... how about a 10 thousand mobium reward?

WOLFGANG: (wide-eye) We don't have that kinda money!

ROBOTNIK: You're a gang!  Don't you do things like knock over convinient

WOLFGANG: Yer askin' WAY too much outta the deal!

ROBOTNIK: I don't do things for free, y'know!  Now pay up for else the
 deal is off!

WOLFGANG: If 'dats how ya wanna play things, then fine!  Deal's off!

ROBOTNIK: (crosses arms) Whatever you say then.  Scratch, Grounder- release
 the prisoners.


(Scratch and Grounder open Sonic and Tails' cage)

WOLFGANG: No!  Gang, shut them!

(The four wolves leap over and slam the door shut)

ROBOTNIK: Badniks, release!

(Scratch and Grounder open the cage again)

WOLFGANG: Shut it!

(wolves do so)





(The wolves and Badniks do as commanded over and over)



(Sonic gets annoyed)

SONIC: Oh for crying out loud!

(He rears far back in the cage, causing it to swing backwards, and when
it swings back... *CLANG* He bangs HARD into the wolves and robots, knocking
them down and the cage door is forced wide open.  He and Tails leap out)

WOLFGANG: They escaped!

ROBOTNIK: (smug) That's what you get for not paying your debt.  (suddenly
 suprised at what he said) Oh shoot!  I'm starting to talk like

(Sonic and Tails are still in front of the cage)

SONIC: (hand on hip) You're implying that as a bad thing?

(All 5 wolves get together and prepare a pouncing stand)

WOLFGANG: Get them!!

(They all pounce at Sonic and Tails.  Sonic grabs Tails' hand and jumps
up out of their way.  The wolves land inside the cage.  Sonic slams the
door shut, locking them all in.  All are squished together tightly)

SONIC: That takes care of them.  (speeds over and scoops up basket)  Come
      on, keed!  We gotta speed!  This should be our last delivery of
      the day!

TAILS: (soars over) What about Robotnik, Sonic?

SONIC: We'll worry about him later.  Right now, we got a granny to visit!
      (revs feet)  By the way, with the Wolf Gang out of our fur, you
      can take off that bunny costume if you want. (speeds away)

TAILS: Finally!

(Tails reaches up and tears the costume off of himself, reveiling his true
species to the wolves)

WOLF 3: He's a FOX!


(They all struggles to get him... but they're all squished together in
the cage still.  Tails rasberries them, and flies away after Sonic)

(Scratch and Grounder watch him leave)

SCRATCH: Are you REALLY letting them get away, your deviousness?

ROBOTNIK: What?  Are you lugnuts?  Of course not!  I may have been in this
 deal for the money, but there is NO opportunity to catch Sonic
 that I will pass up!

(He runs over, leaps into his Egg-O-Matic hovercraft, and starts it up)

ROBOTNIK: Let's go!  Time to take a short cut!

SPIRAL TO - An old cottage.

Switch to the backyard, as the Egg-O-Matic lands in the back lawn, and
the evil trio leap out.  They approach the backdoor.

ROBOTNIK: Grounder, do your stuff.

(Grounder approaches the door, retracts his left hand into a pin, and inserts
it in the keyhole.  He picks at the lock until he hears a CLICK sound,
then he opens the door)

(They enter the one-roomed house, where across the room, a sick old woman
lays in her bed.  She turns her head towards the three)

GRANDMA: Oh, hello.  Are you the Red Riding Hood delivery service?

ROBOTNIK: No... Actually, we're substituting for the wolves!  Gag her!

(The two Badniks grab Grandma, stuff a sock in her mouth, tie her tightly
with rope, then shove her in a closet.)

(Robotnik then turns his head to the front door as it knocks)

SONIC: (behind door) Yoo hoo!  Delivery service!

ROBOTNIK: It's the hedgehog!  Hurry and hide!

(Scratch and Grounder dive under Grandma's bed)

ROBOTNIK: (sweetly) Just a moment!

(Robotnik jumps into Grandma's bed.  Down under, the Badniks are squished
by his weight, tounges hanging out.  Above, Robotnik places on a small
nightcap and small glasses.  He pulls the blankets to his chin.)

ROBOTNIK: (sweetly) Come on in!

(The door opens and Sonic, still wearing the red cloak, and Tails enter.
They walk up to the bed)

ROBOTNIK: My basket of goodies!  Oh goody!

(Tails cups his hand to Sonic's ear)

TAILS: (whispers) Sonic, that grandma looks_awfully_familiar.

SONIC: (whispers) Stay cool, I'll handle it.

(Sonic leans close into Robotnik's face)

SONIC: Why, Grandma, what biiig eyes you've got!

ROBOTNIK: Uh... the better to see you with, my dear.

SONIC: (pats the big belly) And Grandma, what a biiig gut you've got!

ROBOTNIK: (scowls) The better... to digest my goodies, my dear.

SONIC: (smirk) And Grandma... Look how UGLY you've gotten!

ROBOTNIK: (growl) The better... the better... ARGH!!  (Robotnik leaps up
 on the bed, throws off his cap and glasses, and holds a plasma
 gun to the duo) You're mine, hedgehog!  Drop the goodies and
 give yourself up!

(Sonic grabs Tails' wrist with one hand, and sticks his thumb on his nose
with the other, while haning his tounge out)

SONIC: Nyah nyah nyah!

(He speeds away with Tails as they're shot at, leaving a burning mark on
the spot they were standing on.)

ROBOTNIK: Think you're getting away this time?  No, I remembered my reinforcements!
 Scratch, Grounder!

SCRATCH: (v.o) Uh... we'd love to help...

GROUNDER: (v.o) But you're kinda squishing us, your evilness...

(Robotnik fumes, then leaps off the bed.  The two robots stagger out)

SONIC: Oh yeah, sure... Scratch and Grounder.  (sarcastic)  NOW we're in

ROBOTNIK: Not just yet, hedgehog.

(Robotnik pulls out a whistle, and blows on it loudly.  Suddenly, a band
of Badniks storm in from windows, the front door, and the back door.  They
surround Sonic and Tails.)

SONIC: Okaaay... Not only Scratch and Grounder, but over a dozen other
      Badniks as backup.  All right, now we ARE in trouble...

VOICE: (v.o) Not for long, Sonic!

(Suddenly, the group of Badniks by the front door are knocked over by a
group of girls, all wearing red cloaks)

TAILS: It's the Red Riding Hoods!

RED: We decided that enough was enough!  We're tired of having our business
    corrupted by the likes of you!  It's time we finally stepped in to
    save our company!

(The girls shout battle cries and lunge themselves at the Badniks, attacking
them by punching, kicking, knocking them into each other, and bashing their
heads with their baskets.)

(Sonic and Tails stand back and watch.  Sonic enjoys what he's seeing)

SONIC: Boy... Those girls sure can kick booty!

(After another moment of thrashing and beatings, all the Badniks are down
and out.  The girls cheer in victory.)

(Meanwhile, Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder tip-toe away towards the backdoor.
Sonic just happens to see them)

SONIC: I don't think so, Buttboy!  Time for the SuperSonic tornado!

(He revs himself into a spin, and races in circles around the three, forming
a tornado.  They are snatched up to the top as the tornado gets larger,
bursting through the roof.  Then, as they are high in the sky, the tornado
flings them across the horizon)

ROBOTNIK: (crying out) I haaate that hedgehooog!

(The tornado dies down and disappears.  One of the girls opens the closet
door and pulls out the grandmother)

GIRL: Are you all right? (pulls the sock out of her mouth)

GRANDMA: (angry) I want more than just a basket of goodies... I want my
 LAWYERS!  You've got alot of damage to repair in my house!

WIPE TO - The Red Riding Hood Company.

The Red Hiding Hoods, Sonic, Tails, the still-caged wolves, and a pair
of policemen stand outside.  The police snatch up the cage.

POLICE #1: Thanks.  We've been after this gang for months!

RED: To save our business, we'd do anything!

GIRL #2: But we most definatley couldn't have done this without Sonic and
Tails, who made our deliveries also while capturing Wolf Gang's

GIRL #3: And stopping another one of Robotnik's schemes!

SONIC: Hey, whether it's Dr. Robotnik or just an annoying bunch of animals,
      we're always here to help.

(The police take away the caged wolves)

RED: Thank you so much for all your help, Mr. Sonic!

SONIC: (smiles) Don't mention it.

RED: Still, it was real gracious of you to--

(Sonic zips into frame, cutting her off mid-sentance)

SONIC: Really, don't mention it... if word got out_I_was skipping, that
      could really damage my ego...

(The Riding Hoods nod)

SONIC: And if you need our help again, you can always come to us.

TAILS: Just as long as I don't have to dress like a bunny again.

(The girls laugh)

SONIC: But you looked so cute!

TAILS: That's why I don't want to do it again!

(Sonic chuckles)

SONIC: Okay, if you say so.  As for now, we're up, over, and NOT skipping!

(Sonic speeds away and Tails helitails after.  The Red Riding Hoods skip
off toward the sunset, all while singing the theme song in "Laa"s and


"Granny Hedgehog"



Inside a base at the Southern Quadrant of Mobius, Scratch and Grounder stood in front of the desk inside what looked like a lobby.  Scratch leaned forward on it, while Grounder leaned against the wall.  Both were very bored.

“Some job we have...” sighed Scratch.

“Well, look on the bright side,” said Grounder, “At least we get paid for doing absolutely nothing!”

“Yeah!” Scratch laughed his usual laugh, “What are we up to anyway?”

“One and a half mobiums I last heard...”

“Ah well.  That payment is worth laying down on the job.”

The two take in a deep breath, and lean lazily on the desk.... But then the phone rang, jolting them right back upwards, crying out in shock.  Grounder fumbled to open his chest compartment and pull out the Robo-Phone.  “Uh.. uh we weren't sleeping on the job!!  We were hard at work! I promise!!”

“Ah shaddap ya young robo rubbish...” spoke a familiar voice on the other line, “Sonic and Tails are on their way, so hurry up and call the master!

“Yes sir... I MEAN mam.. or Grammy!”

“Over and out... but next time, git my name right!!”

The line clicked off.  Grounder dialed a few more buttons.  “Hello, your vileness!” he spoke in the phone, “Your favorite robot reporting some news!”

“What is it?  Make it quick... I'm in the middle of some important business here!” Robotnik shouted, as he sat on his couch, wildly tapping the buttons on a video game controller, while resting the phone receiver on his shoulder by his ear.

“Agent Granny called!” reported Grounder, “Sonic and Tails have taken the bait!”

Robotnik was surprised at that, dropping the controller, and ending his game.  “Oh wonderful!” he cried, “About time too... I would have beaten this game for the third time had you not called.”


“Oh, nothing!  Just hurry and set everything up!  I'll be over as soon as I can!”

Sonic, Tails, and Granny stood before a condo-like building.  The parking lot was completely empty.

“Quite homey...” said Sonic.

“I guess they like it cozy,” said Tails.

Sonic turned to Granny.  “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yer a big boy now, sonny...” Granny responded, “You need to be leadin' yer own life, and not lettin' ol' Granny get in the way.”

“Well, it's gonna be quite different without you,” said Sonic.

“Yeah,” Tails added, “We can go somewhere without being harassed.”

“No worries here,” said Granny, smirking, “We'll ALL be taken care of...”

Sonic sighed.  “If you say so, Granny.”

They all walked towards the main entrance.  Sonic and Tails easily stepped over the curb, but Granny is wheeling forward on it in her wheelchair.  “Sonnies?  Give granny a boost.”

The two looked back, groaned, and walked back to help her.

Inside the building, Sonic pushed Granny's wheelchair inside the empty main lobby.  “Yo!  Anybody home?”

“Service please!” called Tails.

A severely obese man, wearing a green rubber mask, walked in.  “May I help you?”

“Yeah,” said Sonic, “How about bookin' a place for this nice old lady.”

The obese man smirked.  “Why yes.  Hello there, Granny.”

Granny nodded.  “Hello, master.”

“What??” Tails cried, “What does she mean by 'master'?”

“And why ain't she complaining like she usually does every second?” asked Sonic.

“Oh, that's simple.”  The man ripped his off mask, revealing his face.


“Badniks, assemble!!” Robotnik ordered, as Scratch and Grounder came running in from two different rooms.  Sonic and Tails gasped at this.

“Tails, get Granny outta here!!” called Sonic.

Tails ran behind Granny's wheelchair and grabbed her handles.  “Think again, sonny boy!!” Granny sneered as she pulled the switch on the arm on her wheelchair.  The wheels below go SQUEALING, and she zipped backwards away from Tails... in the process, running over his foot.

“YEEEOW!!!” Tails cried, bouncing on his other foot, while holding the injured one.

“Just what's the deal here??” Sonic shouted, watching Tails bounce around him.

“Good job, Agent Granny,” said Robotnik.


Robotnik smirked.  “You should really keep in close contact with your relatives, hedgehog... They might not be all they seem!”

“What have you done to Granny!” Sonic growled, only to have a newspaper thrown at his head.  “AH!”

“Mind yor manners, sonny boy!” Granny scolded, “That's the dictator of Mobius yer spewing at!”

“Isn't it obvious, Sonic?” said Robonik, “Granny's just one of my robots I created in order to lure you to your doom!”

“I knew she was trouble from the start!” said Tails, still bouncing and holding his injured foot.

Robotnik took a step back.  “Now Granny,” he spoke, “If you don't mind.”

“Certainly, master...” Granny cleared her throat, “CHARGE!!!”

The Badniks jumped forward at Sonic and Tails.  The two leapt into the air over them, leaving the bots to crash on the ground.   Tails then ran behind Granny's wheelchair.

“Hey!” Granny shouted, “Whatta ya think yer doin' ya whipper snapper??”

Tails grabbed Granny from the back, and opened a backboard.  “Just hold still,

Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder stood back to back, looking around carefully.  “Where'd he go?” shouted Scratch.

“Right here, slow-mos!”  Sonic zipped around from one part of the room to another.  “And here!  And here!  Here too!”

The bots whipped their heads back and forth wildly.  “There he is!” shouted Scratch.

“No, he's over here!” said Grounder.

“Yer right!  He's over there!”

“No, YOU'RE right!  He's over THERE!”

Sonic sped all over them like crazy.

“Doh!  This is getting old!” Scratch spat, “Just nab him!!”  He reached out to try and grab Sonic, but missed by a mile.

“Over here!” said Sonic, appearing behind Grounder.

The tank-like robot pivoted.  “I've got you now! He tried to grab him, but Scratch lunged forward to grab Sonic himself.  In the process, Sonic jumped up, and the two Badniks wound up colliding with each other so hard, they almost melt into one another.  Sonic landed right by them as they fell to the ground.  “Y'know what they say when Two Become One...”

Suddenly, an empty chamber pot was thrown on Sonic's head.  “HEY!!” he cried, moving all around, “Who turned out the lights??”

“GYAHHAHAA!!” Coconuts laughed maniacally, “And you all thought my pot emptying WOULDN'T come in handy!!  Nope nope nope!!”

Coconuts was then KICKED to the side by Tails, flying in the air.  The monkey landed right by Scratch and Grounder, falling out of order himself.

Tails landed by Sonic, grabbed the pot, and yanked it off his head.  “Sonic!” he cried, “Try talking to Granny!  Maybe you can convince her to change sides!”

“Now why would she do that?” asked Sonic.

Tails smirked in response.  “Well, you are her ‘grandson’.’

They looked over to see Scratch and Grounder stalking closer.

“Now's your chance!” bellowed Robotnik, “Destroy them!!”

“Go on!” said Tails.  “I'll distract the bots.”

“Better than nothing, I suppose...” Sonic raised his voice, “Yo Granny!”

“What do ya want?!” the bitter old hedgehog shouted over.

Sonic zipped away just before Scratch and Grounder could grab him.  He raced up to Granny.  “Granny, listen to me!  I'm Sonic, your_grandson_!  You have to help me!”

“Pfft!” Granny sneered, “You youths have such short-spanned memories!  Robotnik just told ya I'm a workerbot of his!”

“C'mon!  Before all this, you were nagging my manners, telling me how to behave in my young life... All the works of a grandmother!”

Scratch and Grounder were cornering Tails at the wall.

“Deep down,” Sonic continued, “I know you care about us.  So please!  Help us!”

“Well...” She took off her now foggy glasses, wiped them with a rag, then started wiping her eyes.  “Shucks... you do know how to make an old lady tear, sonny boy...”

She places her glasses back on, grows a daredevil smile, then SLAMS the lever on her armchair all the way down.  The wheels start screeching like  racecar tires as shes RACES towards Scratch and Grounder.  "Outta my way!!!"

Scratch and Grounder were KNOCKED over as Granny rammed into them.  Tails just looked on, shocked.

"What do you think your doing, you horrendus old hag?!" Robotnik shouted.

Granny turned the wheelchair around, facing Robotnik with an evil glare.  "That's no way to talk to yer elders!"

Robotnik's face dropped in horror.  "Uh oh..."

Granny then started RACING towards Robotnik.  He screamed and ran all over the main lobby, with Granny chasing close behind.  "Git back here, you!!  I'll teach ya some manners!  A boy yer age should be workin' out!  Then maybe you'll get the chance to escape Granny!"

Robotnik bolted out the doorway, Granny following still.  "YAA!!!  I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!"

Sonic and Tails walked out to watch the chase scene.  "Wow, Tails!  That pep talk really worked!  Perhaps deep down every bot, there's a soft spot."

"Yeah..." Tails pulled out a screwdriver, smirking, "That and I played with her systems a bit.  But now there's nowhere for Granny to go."

"Oh I wouldn't say that," Sonic smiled, "I know the_perfect_home for her."

At Scrap Valley....

"Thanks for taking her in, Ditso," said Sonic.

"No problem, Sonic," said the former Badnik, "Granny will make a fine addition to Scrap Valley!"


Peeper wheeled past everyone quickly with Granny chasing him.

"Who d'ya think yer lookin' at, sonny boy??" Granny whined, "Git back for so I can spank ya!  And you!  Straighten up!  Louchin' ain't proper!  And you tryin'to raise my cholestral with that discolored garbage of yours?"

"I'll save you some!" Wolfgang Puke sang.

Torge sighed.  "A fine addition in deed...."

Sonic and Tails walked off.  "At least Granny finally found a home," said Tails.

"Yeah," said Sonic, "With people who can actually stand her!"

"Say Sonic... Do you think you still have a grandmother out there?"

"Even if I did, Tails..."


Sonic put on a half smile, half frown. "I think I'm better off without one for now..."   The two zipped off over the horizon.

"The Big Switch"
Written by: Christina Williams


SCENE - Robotnik's fortress, ext. - daytime.

We fade into the fortress, and see a door with warning signs posted on
it such as "Keep Out!" and "That means YOU!"  Scratch and Grounder walk
by the door, but then stop and back up, hearing sounds like hammers hammering
and drills drilling.

Grounder's eyes zoom in like binoculars up to the door as he tries to read
the door.

GROUNDER: Keep Out...(eyes follows down below the first sign to the second)
 That means YOU! (eyes zoom back in place) What does that mean,

SCRATCH: Um... (rubs head) I'm not completely sure, but I have a feeling
Robotnik's working hard on something.

(Grounder tries to get a sneak peek inside through the doorknob's keyhole
but a fist punches him in the eye hard, the force sending him flying back
into Scratch)


SCRATCH: (gets knocked down by Grounder) Oo hoo hoo!

(they hit the wall, cracking it.  Stars circle their heads)

(SWITCH BACK to the door which flies open, smoke escaping and filling the
room.  Switch back to Scratch and Grounder's eyes as they begin to cough
and hack, trying to clear the smoke away from their faces. An all-too-familiar
silloutte of a fat, bald-headed egghead with a thick mustache emerges from
the smoke, revealing who else but the evil genius himself, Dr. Robotnik)

ROBOTNIK: (overdramatically spoken) At long last, the perfect gizmo to
 get rid of that blue pin cushion is at my disposal. The sweat,
 blood, and tears, I have poured into my latest creation has finally
 comed to fruitition.  Scratch! Grounder! May I reveal to you...

(He pauses, opening one eye glances at Scratch and Grounder who are still
have little stars twirling above their heads)


(the robots yelp out, then stand up straight and attentive)

BOTS: Yes, your repulsiveness?

ROBOTNIK: Do you know what today is duncebots?

SCRATCH: Uh... Tuesday?

ROBOTNIK: Yes, today is Tuesday and...

(He stops mid-sentence, and gives the "I fell for it"  look to the camera,
little grey fumes hovering above his head.  Then he gets in Scratch's face,

ROBOTNIK: NO, YOU DUMB CLUCK! (Scratch flies back into the wall again)
 Today is the day we have one less speedy blue hedgehog preventing
 me from dominating Mobius!

GROUNDER: (cheering)  Horraaay!!!  Just like last week!  (suddenly stops)
 Or... at least it was suppose to be that day...

ROBOTNIK: (growls) Just shut up and listen.

(Robotnik walks into his lab, then comes back out, pulling out a giant,
round-shapped machine, with a laser drilled on top)

ROBOTNIK: My new Mind-Transfer Automaton is programmed to switch the bodies
 of two living creatures.  Observe!

(He pushes it to a nearby window and adjusts the laser so it points downwards.
Scratch and Grounder come up at the window.  Below, there is a dog chasing
a cat.  The dog barks while the cat screeches.  Back at the window, Robotnik
pushes a giant red button, and the laser shoots the dog and cat, making
them stop dead in their tracks.  After a short while, the laser beam fades
away, and the cat and dog are dazed and confused.  Then the cat looks over
to the dog, growls ferociously, then chases the dog, yapping at it.  The
dog runs away, screeching.)

GROUNDER: Wow!  So that's how it works!

ROBOTNIK: (nods)  Yes.  Now imagine if Sonic were to be switched with something,
like, oh say, this beetle!  (holds out hand, showing a beetle sitting on
his palm)

(Grounder leaps into Scratch's arms)

GROUNDER: Eeew!!!  Beetle!!  Get it away, get it away!!!

ROBOTNIK: (squeezes palm, accidently killing beetle) Don't be such a chicken!

GROUNDER: But I'm_not_a chicken!

SCRATCH: (drops Grounder) I'M the chicken!

(Robotnik looks down at his palm, seeing a yellow liquid ooze from where
the beetle was.  He angrily wipes his hand on a towel)

ROBOTNIK: You're assignment today is to switch the mind of Sonic with something
 at least beetleheaded, whether it be a beetle or not.


(they both push the new machine away)

SCRATCH: I get to push the button!

GROUNDER: Aw, but I wanna push the button!

SPIRAL TO - A desert region of Mobius.

Scratch sits atop the machine, wearing sunglasses and in his left hand,
is some type of mixed drink with ice cubes and a little umbrella in the
glass. He apparently seems cool and relaxed.

Grounder, on the other hand, is down below, hauling the machine with Scratch
at tow by a rope tied to a handle bar affixed to the device. A miniature
satellite dish spins around the antenna on the top of his head. He slowly
treads across the hot sand, before finally stopping.

GROUNDER: (panting) Scratch! It's your turn to pull!

(Scratch lifts the shades off the bridge of his beak, glaring down at his

SCRATCH: I dragged it out of Dr. Robotnik's fortress, it's only fair that
_YOU_ pull it the rest of the way! (Grins, putting the sunglasses
back on)

GROUNDER: But... but...

(The antenna stops spinning as it is now stuck pointing straight ahead.
A loud, shrill alarm goes off)

(As Scratch is about to take a sip from his drink, he hears the alarm and
gets startled)

SCRTACH: Whoaa! (Slides off and falls on his tush) Umph!

GROUNDER: (Wheeling over to Scratch, jumping up and down) Hedgehog alert!
 Hedgehog alert!

(Scratch angrily smashes his glass on top of Grounder's head. The glass
shatters into broken pieces as the juice spills all over his face. The
alarm shuts off as the satellite dish retracts back into the tip of Grounder's

SCRATCH: No DuHhH! (Creates a fist and knocks Grounder alongside
the head) We better set up the Sonic trap! (Leaps up and runs
off screen)

(Grounder rubs the spot where Scratch whacked him and quickly follows)

((A blue blur is seen streaking through the barren landscape at an incredible
speed. Camera scrolls down to get a close-up of Sonic as he speeds across,
grinning. We go back to Scratch and Grounder who are in a frenzy to prepare
the trap. Sonic skids to a stop alongside the two Badniks, kicking up some
sand in their faces.))

SONIC: (With the same grin) You guys look like you need some help setting
up that trap for that speedy feller. I'd be happy to offer my assistance
      (Holds out his hand, a gesture to offering)

GROUNDER: (coughing up the sand) Kaff! Kaff! You would? That's really nice
 of you sir.

SONIC: Anytime partner! (Takes the blueprints from Grounder, looking them
      over) Give it a Sonic second!

(He picks up a hammer and at Sonic speed, quickly builds the trap designed
for him; a simple mousetrap...a.k.a. hedgehogtrap)

SONIC: (stops; hammer in his right hand, blueprints in left) Piece o' chili
      dog, which reminds me... To add the finishing touch.

(He places a chili dog on the base. He hands the blueprints back to Grounder,
and drops the hammer intentionally on Scratch's foot)

SCRATCH: (Hammer bounces off) Bwakk!! (Hobbles around on his good foot,
        while clutching his bad foot in pain)

SONIC: Good luck bots! You'll need it!

(Waving goodbye, he takes off in the same direction he came. He stops about
half a mile away, and taps his foot, glancing at his watch)

SONIC: Three... two... one...GO! (Revs up, and takes back off to Scratch
      and Grounder)

(Grounder watches Scratch hobble around.  He then hears the familiar humming
as it gradually increases in volume)

GROUNDER: Hm? (Turns around to see Sonic approaching) Whoaaa! (Eyes bulge
         out (a la cartoon style ^-^) as he runs over Scratch's good foot)

SCRATCH: (Bites down hard) Grrrrr!! (Now jumping from one foot to another)

GROUNDER: This is no time to be doing the chicken dance Scratch!  We've
         got a hedgehog to zap!

(He grabs Scratch by the beak, along with the mind device automation, as
both bots zoom over to their hiding place behind a cactus)

(Sonic screeches to a halt in front of the trap. Looks both left and right
before he announces loudly)

SONIC: Yumm!! Just what I always wanted! A _CHILI DOG_!

(Scratch and Grounder's heads pop around the corner, silently chuckling
to themselves as they think they have Sonic right where they want him.)

(Sonic puts one finger up to his mouth in front of the camera, as to tell
the home-viewing audience to be VERY quiet. He points towards the Badniks
hiding place, which is obvious since you can see Grounder's pointy, cone-shaped
nose and Scratch's red tail feathers sticking out. Then he tiptoes over
and stands directly behind the two, who continue to point and giggle.)

(Sonic shakes head, amused.  Then he takes a deep breath and screams at
the top of his lungs)


BOTS: Yeow!!

(Both Scrtach & Grounder leap up in the air like fraidy cats, holding onto
one another.  They're suspended in mid-air for several seconds before they
come crashing down, landing on their trap. The bar is released, as it sails
across and snaps the Badniks hard in place, pinning them down. The chili
dog flies up in the air, where a speedy Sonic passes by, mouth wide open,
and the chili dog sails in.)

SONIC: Mmmm good! (Pats his tummy) Give me a call when you get some smarts!
     (Cracks up laughing) Gotta juice! Byeee! (Is gone as the camera follows)

SCRATCH: Grounder!  You dolt!  Get off of me and zap him!

GROUNDER: (His head rolls off his body) How can I, Scratch, when I can't
 even be levelheaded.

SCRATCH: I swear you are getting stupider and more incompetent every day!

GROUNDER: How can I use Dr. Robotnik's mind transfer when I'm without my
 head? Huh? Huh?

(A telephone ring is heard inside Grounder's chest. Scratch and Grounder
look at each other)

GROUNDER: It's his bloatedness...

SCRATCH: (As phone rings again) Well, aren't you going to answer it?!

GROUNDER: You answer it Scratch! You're closer!

SCRATCH: It's in your chest compartment! Therefore, you have to answer
the phone always!

(Mumbling, Grounder's head bounces back and jumps up to reattach itself
to the rest of his body. His left drill is replaced with a human hand,
which he uses to open his chest compartment and answer the ringing telephone)

GROUNDER: (meekly) Hello?

(Scene changes back and forth between Robotnik and the badniks, depending
on whom is speaking)


GROUNDER: Well what?

ROBOTNIK: (Sighing) Well, does Sonic have the brain capacity of you two
 dumdums yet?

GROUNDER: Ehh... almost boss.

ROBOTNIK: What do you mean by 'almost'?

GROUNDER: Sonic was here and...and...umm...

ROBOTNIK: (In a bellowing voice) SPIT IT OUT!

GROUNDER: (Holds the phone away until Robotnik stops shouting) And he got

(The ear piece part of the phone morphs and Robotnik's head pops out)

ROBOTNIK: WHAT???!! (Scratch and Grounder cover their ears, cowering in

(Scratch rips the phone away from Grounder)

SCRATCH: Sir? Don't worry, I promise you this time that we won't fail with
my Sonic proof plan!

GROUNDER: (rips phone back from Scratch) No he doesn't! _ I _ have the
 Sonic proof plan! Blame Scratch for--

 HEDGEHOG!!  And for the sake of both of you, it better be idiot
 proof as well! (Slams phone down in disgust)

WIPE TO - A deserted, yellow road.

On the side of the road there is a huge rock, where Scratch and Grounder
are knelt behind.  Grounder has a large drill screwed on his right hand,
and is screwing an equally large one on his left.

SCRATCH: Are you_sure_this plan'll work, Grounder?  I have better things
to do than be a toaster oven...

GROUNDER: Trust me.  It'll work.  (finishes screwing)  Ah... Done!

(Grounder treads over on the road and rises his arms in the air.  They
start spinning like elecric-screwdrivers, then he plunges them into the
ground, drilling a large hole.  As it gets deeper, he starts sinking down.
Soon enough, he stops and climbs back out.

SCRATCH: THAT'S your plan??  A stupid hole??

GROUNDER: (placing a camoflauged carpet over the hole) Yes!  (wheels up
 to Scratch)  See, I think the problem our plans is that we try
 too hard.  If we try something simple, Sonic won't ever notice.

SCRATCH: Oh I get it now... (taps Grounder's head provokely) A 'simple'
plan by a simple-minded bot.

GROUNDER: (offended) Heeey!  At least_I_didn't let Sonic trick me last

(Scratch growls ferociously.  But then, there is a screaming sonic-boom
in the distance)

GROUNDER: Here he comes!  Now shut up and hide!  (shoves Scratch behind
 the rock and jumps in after him)

(Indeed, Sonic comes speeding down the road, Tails flying above his head.
As he passes the bush, he steps on the camoflauged carpet, which gives
way underneath, causing him to fall in the hole.)

SONIC: Woah!!  (there's a thump below, as he hits the ground)  Oof!

(Scratch and Grounder leap out from behind the rock and prance around the

SCRATCH & GROUNDER: Yaaay!  We got him!  We got him!  We got the hedgehog!

(Tails, still hovering, cocks an eyebrow at the joyous robots, then lowers
down the hole.  He comes back up, holding onto Sonic's wrist.  The bots
are still celebrating.)

SCRATCH & GROUNDER: Lalalalalaaa!

(Sonic leaps back on the ground)

SONIC: Hey bolt-brains!

(The Badniks stop in their tracks in shock.  They snap their heads at Sonic)

SONIC: Man.  I feel sorry for you now.  You totally stopped trying.

(Scratch grows fustrated.  In rage, he jumps at Sonic, hands outstretched.
Sonic steps away, leaving Scratch to fall flat on his face.  He hefts himself
back up and lunges at the hedgehog again.  Sonic jumps back, but is backed
up against the rock.  Scratch does one last leap at Sonic, this time, being

GROUNDER: (excited) Ooo!  Ooo!  Wait there, Scratch!  (he zips away, and
 comes back with the Mind-Transfer Automaton.)  I got him, I got

(He aims it towards Sonic, in the hands of Scratch)

GROUNDER: Hehheh!  I got you now, hedgehog!

SCRATCH: (looks over, and face 'takes') Grounder, no!  Not--

(Grounder hits the red button, and from the laser above, it zaps at Sonic
AND Scratch.)

SCRATCH: Meee!!!

SONIC: Yaaah!!!

TAILS: Sonic!

(Tails hurries over to the Mind Transfer Automaton and rams into Grounder,
shoving him aside.  He slams the button, turning the machine off.  Scratch
and Sonic slump to the ground.  Tails soars over, takes Sonic under his
arm, and flies away.  Back with the bots, Grounder wheels up to the unconcious
Scratch and holds his shoulders up.)

GROUNDER: We got him, Scratch!  We got Sonic!  Haha!!  (pulls Scratch to
 his feet just as he begins to regain conciousness)  Let's tell
 Robotnik the good news!  I can't wait to see the look on his
 face when we tell him we didn't mess anything up for once!

(Keeping a firm hold on his arm, Grounder treads off the other direction,
towing Scratch with him.)

SCRATCH: T... Tails?





FADE into the exterior of Robotnik's abode in late afternoon/early evening
sky, then fade again to Scratch and Grounder, who are walking up the plateau
to the main doors of the fortress.

GROUNDER: Oh boy! Oh boy! I can't wait to tell Dr. Robotnik what a good
 job I did at nailing Sonic!

("Scratch" looks at his hands and thinking to himself in the voice of Sonic)

SONIC: (thinking)That mondo weird ray must've somehow switched my mind
with Scratch.  That means that Scratch is in MY body!  I hope Tails
    can figure what's up before...

GROUNDER: (waving a drilled hand in front of Scratch) Hey Scratch, um,
 you okay?

SONIC: (thinking) I guess its best I play along until I can figure out
Buttnik's scheme

SCRATCH: (speaking) Uhh... of course you dingbot!  Now get moving!

(Grounder pulls the Mind-Transfer Automaton inside.  "Scratch" follows.)

(Grounder stops to drop the rope used for towing the M.T.A. on the floor)

GROUNDER: Ahhh...home sweet home! Now to find the boss (cruises off-screen,
 leaving "Scratch" alone).

SCRATCH: Hedgehog detective work is the only way to get me out of this jam.

(He begins to walk around the machine several times, tapping it, examining
the various knobs, buttons, etc. Finally stops, a question mark popping
up over his head.)

SCRATCH: It's times like this I wish I had Tails' expertise with machinery...

(SWITCH TO a separate room. A plain-looking room with Robotnik sitting
in front of a desk, his reading glasses on. The desk is cluttered with
important papers, maps, blueprints, charts, etc. Robotnik is busy reading
a book, which is entitled, "Villainy For Dummies", as Grounder appears
off-screen, but his presence is known by the sound of his voice.)

GROUNDER: (excitedly) Oo! Oo! I've got great news! I've got great news!

(Robotnik turns around, seeing Grounder.  He slams the book down on the
desk, then stands up, arms crossed)

ROBOTNIK: Well? What is it?

GROUNDER: I was uhh... going to tell you...uhh...ohhh, I remember now!
 I zapped Sonic!

(Robotnik immediately picks Grounder up by the shoulders)

ROBOTNIK: Repeat what you just said!

GROUNDER: Everything? I can't remember it word for word.

ROBOTNIK: (sigh) Just the part about Sonic!

GROUNDER: You mean Sonic the Hedgehog?


GROUNDER: Why didn't you say so? I zapped Sonic!

(Robotnik lets those 3 little words sink in for a moment. Then a evil grin
spreads across his face, which causes Grounder to start sweating oil)

ROBOTNIK: (softly) Heheheheheh...(a little louder) Hahahahahahaa...(now
 all-out evil, loud, get the point o.-) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!
 (drops Grounder as if he no longer existed)


ROBOTNIK: Horraaay!

(He now bounces around the room on his butt like a beach ball for a bit.
Finally stops where he started, wearing a t-shirt, cap, and waving a pendent
in the air, all with Sonic's face crossed out with a big red X.)

ROBOTNIK: (blows hard into a noisemaker, which makes a loud WEEEEEE) No
 more Sonic!!! Hahahahaha! Now Mobius is free for Rrrrobotnik's
 New World Order! (soft, rotten chuckling)

GROUNDER: Congratulations your supieorness!

ROBOTNIK: (same grin) Tell me...what did Sonic meet his fate with? A turtle?
 Ant? Or perrrrhaps a (snortle) snail!

GROUNDER: (stalling for time) Erm...that I...uhh...(pulls nervously at
 his neck collar)

("Scratch" is shown peeking his head from the door. He has heard most of
the conversation)

SONIC: (thinking) For my sake, I better do some fast-thinking or else I'll
      be in hot water! (runs in)

GROUNDER: I think it..umm...was...

(He's suddenly seen flying across the room like a football as "Scratch"
plays the part of a football punter, with a well-timed kick)

SCRATCH: It was a toad, Dr. Robotnik!

(Meanwhile, we can hear Grounder in the background  going 'whoooaaa!!'
then a CRASH)

ROBOTNIK: About time you showed up lamebrain.  So, where is Sonic the toad

SONIC: (thinking) Answer like Scratch would, Sonic boy...

SCRATCH: (speaking) Maybe looking for a princess to kiss him?

ROBOTNIK: (strangles Scratch) I want that toad!! (sends him sailing into
 Grounder, who is badly beaten up as it is) And I want it now!!

(Camera shows Scratch and Grounder in a mess.)

SONIC: (thinking) Perfect! Now to get to Tails...

MIX TO - A camp in the middle of a forest.

"Sonic" is laying on the ground, still unconscious.  Tails is over by a
pot of steaming chili.  Slowly, "Sonic" begins to regain consciousness.

SONIC: Ugh... huh?  Where am I?

TAILS: About time you woke up.  (walks over)  Are you all right?

("Sonic" looks over, and yelps out, jumping at the sight of Tails)

SONIC: It's you!  Tails!

TAILS: Of course it is!  Who'd you think I was?

(Sonic looks down at himself.  He sees himself with peach arms, peach
belly, blue legs, and red sneakers)

SCRATCH: (thinking) BHACK!  I'm in SONIC'S body!  That stupid Grounder
      messed things up! (clenches fist)

TAILS: Sonic, are you sure you're okay?

SONIC: Wha?  Oh, yeah, Tails.  I'm fine.

SCRATCH: (thinking, finger on chin)  If I'm in Sonic's body, then that mean...
(big 'take') OH NO!  He's in MY body!  He could be at the fortress right
now, terrorizing my beloved master!

TAILS: (at pot) The chili's almost done, Sonic.  You want a chili dog?

SONIC: Eeww!  No way!

TAILS: (wide-eyed) What??

SONIC: I MEAN, uh, maybe on the go.  We got to get to Robotnik's fortress
      right away!

TAILS: Why do we have to stop there for?

SONIC: Because the Mind-Transfer Automaton... I mean, that BOGUS heap
      of laser could be a threat from Robotnik.  We have to find a way
      to deeestroooy it, and kidnap Scratch!

TAILS: Why Scratch?  And what about Grounder?

SONIC: Oh, um, him too.  (grabs Tails' arm) Let's keed, speed!

TAILS: Don't you mean "speed, keed"?

SONIC: Oh yeah, um, whatever.  (revs legs) (to self) Woah.  I hope I
      can get use to this...

(He suddenly speeds off screen, Tails in tow, and then there's a loud CRASH.
Switch over to the two, where we see "Sonic" has collided with a giant
oak tree.  He steps back from it)

SONIC: Sorry... minor set back... (revs legs once more, and speeds off
      again, crying out the entire way)

SPIRAL TO -  a swamp

(SCRATCH and GROUNDER are walking back towards where they last fought SONIC.
GROUNDER is going on and on what will happen when he captures the toad.)

GROUNDER: Dr. Robotnik will be SO proud of me when I nab Sonic with my
         toad net!  (flinging his left arm around, a net extending out)
         He'll reward me with millions of mobiums!

SONIC: (thinking) Yeah, and they are all probably counterfeit.

SCRATCH: (speaking) You dummy, that's a butterfly net.

SONIC: (thinking) Man, I hope I find Tails fast.  No wonder Scratch is always bullying
this robo-nerd.

GROUNDER: Yeah? Well this one is especially good at catching toads!

SCRATCH: Whatever. So, how will you know which one is Sonic?

(They stop in front of a small pond, lily pads scattered all over the water's
surface.  A dozen frogs are happily jumping around)

SCRATCH: I don't see any with blue quills.

GROUNDER: Don't be stupid Scratch, it's easy. Sonic can't resist a chilidog
 (opens chest compartment, and inside is a steamy, hot chilidog)
 And this time, the chilidog won't get in his mouth!

SCRATCH: Yumm... chili dog! (licks his beak) Uh, I mean, umm, chilidog
a great idea Grounder!

GROUNDER: (pauses, surprised) You really mean that? You never told me before
 how great any of my ideas were. You always criticize my plans.

SCRATCH: Yeah, well don't flatter yourself, needlenose. (index finger points
and pokes Grounder's nose)  Offer the stinkin' chilidog already!

(Meanwhile, SONIC is speeding in the opposite direction, TAILS holding
on to his shoulders.)

TAILS: (gasps, then points straight ahead) Look Sonic!  There's Scratch
and Grounder!

SONIC: What? Where?

(He skids to a stop immediately, but quickly loses his balance as he trips
over a rock, falling flat on his face))

SONIC: Bahh!

(TAILS is sent flying forward, and lands on GROUNDER'S head, bouncing off)


GROUNDER: Whoa!! (arms flailing)

(He falls in the water, causing the toads to scatter.  The chilidog is
now floating in the water)

SCRATCH: Aww... what a perfectly good waste of a dog!

(He turns around, looking down at TAILS.)

SCRATCH: (happily) Tails!

(Scratch tries to grab TAILS hand, but TAILS quickly flies overhead)

SCRATCH: (falls down on his hands and knees) Umph!

SONIC: (thinking) I forget that I'm in Scratch's body!  It'll take lots of convincing
to make Tails know it's really me.

TAILS: (calling out) Sonic! They're over here!

SONIC: (slowly getting up) Ooohh... there's my beautiful body with Sonic
      in it... ugh! (cringes) What a waste of good chicken looks on that

SCRATCH: (looking at SONIC, arms crossed) There's my beautiful bod with
Scratch's personality in it... ugh! (cringes) What a waste of
good hedgehog looks on that dweeb!

TAILS: (flies back over to SONIC) Let's get out of here!

SONIC: (hesitates) I dunno you little brat, I MEAN, Tails.  I would love
to give (emphasis) SCRATCH a good one, two! (cracks knuckles) OoOoo...
funny noise! (shakes his wrists out)

TAILS: Scratch?  What about Grounder?

SONIC: Umm... yeah, him too.

SCRATCH: Tails, you have to listen to me! I'm not really Scratch, I'm--

(GROUNDER reappears out of the water, plant life all over his robotic body)

GROUNDER: (interrupting) Scratch!  What happened? (pulls the gunk off himself)

SCRATCH: (doesn't know how to answer) Uhh...

(Sonic leaps forward a few feet, all heroic-like, pounding his fist to
his chest)

SONIC: Don't worry! I'll take care of Scratch!!

TAILS: (hovering, sighs) Sonic! You keep forgetting Grounder!

SONIC: Whatever! (throws his hands up) Time to do a spin!

(SONIC jumps up in the air, curls himself into a ball, then quickly falls
down on his butt)

SONIC: Ow!  Gravity is not on my side.

TAILS: You gotta spin Sonic! That's why you call it a Sonic spin! (looks
      back at SCRATCH and GROUNDER) This isn't the time or place, cuz
      of those two!  We're gone!

(TAILS grabs SONIC by the wrist and both fly away into the evening sky.
SONIC uses his free hand to cover his eyes, for Scratch is afraid of heights)

GROUNDER: (watching them leave) The boss isn't going to be too happy.
 No toad, no reward!

(Scratch is in deep thought)

SONIC: (thinking) If I know Tails, they are probably heading back  to camp.
           I have to head back there myself without Grounder hanging around.
          But how to get rid of him... (snaps fingers) Ah ha!

GROUNDER: (going back to toad hunting) Come on Scratch! We better find
 a toad for Dr. Robotnik.  (looking behind bushes, net ready)

SCRATCH: Yeah uh, listen Grounder, I thought of a way to get a toad, the
easy way!

GROUNDER: Easy? Hmm... I'm not doing your dirty work!

SCRATCH: No you lugnut, go back to the fortress and get the Mind-Transfer

GROUNDER: Why do we need that Automaton to catch a toad?

SCRATCH: Doh! You don't get it, do you?


SCRATCH: (convincingly) We can use the M.T.A. to uh, track the toad that
is really Sonic!

GROUNDER: We can?! Oh boy! Dr. Robotnik will be especially happy I thought
 of that! I'll be right back, wait here! (zips away)

SCRATCH: (wipes his brow) Whew!  Fast thinking, Sonic!  Now to speed over
to the camp and tell Tails what's really up!  Maybe he can figure
out how to reverse the process.

(He runs in place, trying to gain speed and momentum)

SCRATCH: Up, over, and--

(But he only ends up slipping, kicking dirt in his face)

SCRATCH: Oof!  Ahem! Kaff kaff! (wipes dirt off his face) Definatly NOT
gone!  Gotta remember I'm a slow-mo now.

(He settles instead for a jogging pace off to the campsite)

WIPE TO - Campsite.

Scratch, in Sonic's body, paces around wildy.  Tails just sits on a log
nearby, watching him pace.

TAILS: What's wrong, Sonic?  Why are you so anxious?

SONIC: There's got to be a way we can DEFEAT Scratch... AND Grounder.

TAILS: Don't worry about it.  (leans back on log) Those dingbots couldn't
      catch us if their very life-datas counted on it.

SONIC: But we have to find a way to get that Mind-Transfer Automaton out
      of their reach!  Otherwise... uh, they'll destroy the world!

TAILS: I didn't see it with them eariler.  Maybe they trashed it.  Just
      relax.  It's not like you to worry over something that trivial.

("Scratch" gets annoyed, seeing that Tails isn't doing anything to help

SONIC: Dooh!  (growl)  If that's how you want it, then fine!  I can get
      that Automaton by myself!  (turns and runs away)

(Tails sits back up on the log, watching him leave)

TAILS: Sonic??  Gee, I wonder what's the matter with him...

(Behind Tails, someone sneaks up.  He turns his head around, only to be
cupped by two metal wings.  He screams for help, but can only be muffled)

SCRATCH: Shh!!  Tails, calm down!  Stop!  It's me, Sonic!

(Tails stops struggling and looks up)

TAILS: Sonic?

SCRATCH: (lets him go) Yeah.

TAILS: (jumps to feet) Have your circuits gone haywire, Scratch??  You're
not Sonic!  You're just a chick-brained robo-fowl!

SCRATCH: Tails, you gotta listen to me!  I'm really Sonic!  That automobile
thingy-ma-bob was some invention to switch my mind with Scratch's!

TAILS: Prove it!

(Scratch runs to the chili pot and grabs a chili dog)

SCRATCH: Into the mouth and through the gums, look out stomach, here it

(He twirls the chili dog into the air and shoots his tounge out, wrapping
it around the chili dog, and it flings right into his mouth, immediatley
swallowing it.)

SCRATCH: Yeah!  When time is of the essance, I'm the essance of speed!
Way WAAAY past cool, right 'lil buddy? (winks)

TAILS: (mouth gaps) Wow!  That really is you, Sonic!  If I hadn't of made
dinner, you'd probablly end up as one of my spare parts!

SCRATCH: Yeah.  Thanks for the dog, hog!

TAILS: No problem! (grows worried) But if YOU'RE Sonic... then who was
      that blue hedgehog here a moment ago?

SCRATCH: Wuh oh!  That's definatley Scratch!  Where'd he go?

TAILS: He said he was gonna get that Mind Transfer thing...

SCRATCH: YIKES!  That's at Robotnik's fortress!  If Robotnik finds out
I'm Scratch, and he's me, I could be done for!  I'm not as fast
and agile as I was in this bogus bot!  We better get over there
double time, keed!  Let's speed!

TAILS: (smiles) Right!

(He grabs "Sonic's" wing and flies away towards Robotniks' fortress)

SONIC SPIN TO - At the bottom of the mountain-side, while ROBOTNIK's fortress
looms overhead.

(SONIC is seen zipping towards the mountains, covering his eyes)

SONIC: Bwak! I'm not use to thissssssaaahhh!

(SONIC collides right into GROUNDER)


(Both SONIC and GROUNDER have stars circle their heads)

SONIC: (jumps up on his feet)  Grounder! It's me! Scratch!

GROUNDER: Oh no! I'm not falling for another one of your sneaky tricks!
 (wheels behind the MTA, charging it up)

SONIC: No you numbskull!  When you zapped Sonic before, you zapped me as well!
      I'm really Scratch, stuck in the hedgehog's body!

GROUNDER: You expect me to believe that? (aims at SONIC) Prove it!

SONIC: How am I suppose to prove that?!

SCRATCH: (v.o) You better listen to him Ground-o, because for once he's telling
the truth!

GROUNDER: Scratch!

SONIC: The hedgehog!

(TAILS gently drops SCRATCH down on the ground, and lands beside him)

GROUNDER: Scratch!  Come quick! I've got the hedgehog for good!

SONIC: Grounder, you are so dumb! ~I'M~ Scratch!

SCRATCH: And ~I'M~ Sonic!

GROUNDER: Prove it!

SONIC / SCRATCH: How are we suppose to prove it?!

TAILS: Hold it! I've got the solution!

(TAILS pulls a piping hot chilidog behind his back)

TAILS: Will the real Sonic the Hedgehog please step forward!

SONIC: Ewwww how gross! (gags)

SCRATCH: Look out everyone because my beak is smelling a chili dog!

(SCRATCH proudly devours the chili dog)

SCRATCH: (licking fingers) Yum! I'm getting the 'ol hog treatment today!
(pats tummy)

GROUNDER: (turns to SONIC, bewildered) You really ARE Scratch!

SONIC: What do you think I've been trying to tell you this whole time

TAILS: Now that we know whose who, how are we going to change you two back?

SCRATCH: There has to be some way to reverse the process.  (looks at SONIC
and GROUNDER) You dumb bots zapped me, so you better know a way
to unzap me as well.

SONIC: (points at GROUNDER accusingly) He's the one who pulled the trigger,
not me!

GROUNDER: Aww gee, Scratch, I mean Sonic!  I mean doh! I don't know!

SONIC: Only Dr. Robotnik might know how to change us back

SCRATCH: Yeah, but how to get Ro-butt-nik to do so without him knowing?

ROBOTNIK: Somebody call my name?

(ALL look up.  Robotnik is hovering above them in the Egg-O-Matic)

ALL: Robotnik!

GROUNDER: Hahahahaaa!  Look, your deviousness!  I caught the hedgehog and

SONIC: So did I!


SONIC: Yeah huh!  I'm the one that lead them here, needlenose!

GROUNDER: Yeah, well I... I... I'M Robotnik's favorite!

SONIC: Are not!

GROUNDER: Are too!

(Robotnik just watches them argue, looking a tad bit confused)

ROBOTNIK: Why are Sonic and Grounder squabbling like... Scratch and Grounder

GROUNDER: (hears the question) Because, your nastyness, the Mind-Transfer
 Automaton switched the minds of Scratch and Sonic!  And you can
 humbly thank me for it.

SONIC: It was MY mind that switched with his, dingbot!  He should be thanking

ROBOTNIK: (growls) You metal mess ups!  Why should I thank you for that??

SONIC: Because, your mighty malicousness, look what I can do that Sonic

("Scratch" suddenly speeds off in a blue blur, racing around "Sonic" in
a fast pace.  For once, Sonic can hardly keep up.  Then "Scratch" plucks
one of "Sonic's" tailfeathers)


SONIC: Now you know how it feels, hedgehog!

("Scratch" then preforms the Sonic Spin, and plows hard into "Sonic", knocking
him far to the other end of the mountain.  Tails quickly races to his

SONIC: Bahahahaaa!  What do you say to that now, Robotnik?

ROBOTNIK: Impressive!  Perhaps some good will come out of this!  Close
 in for the capture!

("Scratch" and Grounder close into "Sonic" and Tails.  Grounder still wheels
the Mind-Transfer Automaton behind him)

TAILS: (shakes Scratch) Wake up, Sonic!  You gotta do something!

("Sonic" is barely concious.  Tails looks up worried)

TAILS: I guess it's up to me now.  But what should I do?  Wait...

(He looks at Grounder, seeing he's still wheeling up the M.T.A)

TAILS: (fake helpless) Oh no, Sonic!  We're surrounded by the bots!  Who
knows what they'll do to us now...  Trap us inside Badniks?  Throw
us off the cliff?  Imprison us for all life?  (smirks and emphasis)
Use their "big ray gun" on us?

GROUNDER: Good idea!  (hits the red button on the Mind Transfer Automaton)

SONIC: (turns to Grounder) NO, YOU DIMBBOT!!!

(In a flash, Tails jumps up to "Scratch" and kicks him so he falls
towards "Sonic".  The M.T.A goes off, and zaps both Sonic and Scratch again.
They both yelp out, and after awhile, the zapping effect wears off.  They
both stand there, their heads smoking slightly.  Then Scratch turns furious)

SCRATCH: You nimrod!  If you zap him again, then...  (looks down at self,
and face 'takes')  Hey!  I'm back!  (cheers)  Yay!  I'm back!
I'm--  (suddenly gets shocked, as he realizes)  Oh no!  I'm back!
That means...

SONIC: Look who's back in the blue!

GROUNDER: Whoopsie...

(Robotnik hovers down towards them)

ROBOTNIK: You metallic moron!  You reverted their minds back!  That means...

(Sonic jumps up onto the Egg-O-Matic)

SONIC: Everything's back to normal, and for good cause.  Cuz I'm a bit

ROBOTNIK: Curious?

SONIC: Yeah...  (looks down at the Egg-O-Matic panels)  What does THIS
      button do?

(He pushes a small button... and the Egg-O-Matic zips off with turbo thrusters.
Sonic immedatley leaps off, as Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic twirls and spins
out of control in the air)


(Finally, he crash lands right into the Mind-Transfer Automaton, making
an explosion.  Scratch and Grounder rush to his aid)


GROUNDER: Are you all right??

(they heave debris off the doctor, then gasp in fright.  Robotnik is on
his hands and knees, crawling all over the ground, his mustache waving
around like antennas.  Next to him is a small beetle)

BEETLE: You moronic mechas!  Look what happened to me!  Revert my body
back this instant!   I'll have your circuits fried for this!

(Sonic and Tails walk off)

SONIC: Slick move there, 'lil bud!  Your training definatley comes in handy.

TAILS: Hey, I learn from the best!

SONIC: And that would be, no doubt, the coolest, fastest, truest, bluest,
      warp speed, fun loving hedgehog who's in a major hankering for an
      extra chili, sliced diced onions, mondo on the cheese chili dog,
      am I correct?

(Tails hugs Sonic)

TAILS: Now that's the Sonic I know and love!

SONIC: Ditto!  And to quote that lovable Sonic we ALL love, we are UP,
      OVER, and GONE!

(Sonic speeds away over the horizon, and Tails happily follows the REAL
blue hedgehog)

(fade out)

The Big Switch
Written by Christina Williams

(I can't seem to upload exclusively to the group so it stays out of my main gallery....)


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Pennsylvania

Favourite genre of music: Country, Rock, Anime, Games

Favourite style of art: Anime-ish, and cartoonish

MP3 player of choice: me iPod :P

Shell of choice: That of a turtle.

Wallpaper of choice: The sticky kind. :P

Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Personal Quote: "Freakin' ass wonderful..."


Trades - Ask Me by SweetDukeRequests - Friends Only by SweetDukeCollaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeKiribans - On Hold by SweetDukeCommissions - Open by SweetDuke
No Point Commissions by SweetDuke


-$5 rough sketch
Pigero and Solace by Toni-the-Mink

-$8 cleaned up, B/W, uncolored

-$10 fully colored, shaded, highlighted
Shoko Kazamaru, 10 yrs l8tr by Toni-the-Mink

NOTE: I am not limited to only Sonic. I will draw ANYTHING from any series.

One page counts as one art request. 6 panels maximum to a page.

$5 for a single
$8 for a double

My favorite keychains by Toni-the-Mink

One shots - $10

Chapters - $10 for the first chapter, $5 for each additional chapter

My stories tend to run up to 5-7 pages long, so starting costs are $10 ($5 if it is a continuing chapter)

However, if the oneshot or chapter I am writing exceeds 7 pages, I will tack on an additional $3 per extra page.

Additional $10 If you would like an illustration to go with the story, and for each chapter.

Ex. War of the Worlds - Chapt 1
"War of the Worlds"
By: Toni the Mink
Sonic and related indica (c) SEGA
Chopper the Chipmunk (c) Me (Please don't let one fancharacter scare you off.  He doesn't take center focus)
Set in the ArchieSonic universe.
This takes place after the events from my fancomic "The Metarex Saga".   So be sure to check that out (as well as my fangame walkthrough "Tails Adventure 2") to better understand what's going on.
If not, then just go with it. XD
Cocoa Island was huge.  It had many different areas from beaches, to the forests, to even an ice cap and a volcano.
Despite all of those, there weren't many habitants on the island.  It was a wonder why anybody would want to take it over and make anyone who lived there their slave.  There were once small bands of families at one point, but ever since that self-proclaimed "student of Dr. Eggman" attempt

You will need to provide for me the following....

-If it is an original story or based off a fandom (fanfic)
.......Brief description of each character in the story (age, personality, looks etc.)
-World of the story
-Plot (what you basically want to happen)



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