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For SonicRemix: What would you be willing to buy from her? (Check out her journal for more info:… 

3 deviants said Digital artwork
3 deviants said T-shirts
2 deviants said Alls of the above! XD
1 deviant said Jewelry (custom necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc)
1 deviant said Custom room decorations (wall decorations, pictures, 3D pictures, mosaic pictures, etc)
No deviants said Posters
No deviants said Pins and badges (custom designs!)
No deviants said Custom designed clocks



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Who Should The Sonic Girls Date by Toni-the-Mink
Who Should The Sonic Girls Date
Remember this?  Who Should the Sonic Boys Date by Toni-the-Mink    I found the girl's meme XD   Though it only went up to Bunnie and Dulcy, so I added some extra girls forlulz. XD    Now to give overly-thought out explanations as to why I support each pair. :P

SALLY X SHADOW - One of my favorite pairs, which just appeals to me.   Some say if Sally abuses Sonic's character, how is it different than her being with Shadow?  Because Shadow would put her in her place, while there's some laughs at how Sally can get Shadow to blush. XD  It's my Vegeta/Bulma

SALLY X GEOFFREY - No Monkey Khan?   yea, never was a fan of him anyway.   Regardless, Shadow has a bunch of other girls interested in him as well.  And for all we know, he could be asexual... and for all we know, he could be gay for Sonic *SHOT* :gun:    Anyway, if Sally can't be with Shadow, then my next pick would be Geoffrey St. John.  I always liked those two together...  it certainly made more sense than Sonic and Sally.  Geoffrey is arrogant, obnoxious, and an all around jerk.....  ergo, her perfect match XD

TAILS X COSMO - Awww :heart:  This pairing is very cute, because they're both cute characters XD

I can't decide between....




I like them equally for different reasons.  They both have their highlights, as well as flaws.  Rouge tends to dummify Knuckles, whereas Shade is non-canon and "Chronicles" tried to disprove Knuxouge...   But both girls have awesome chemistry with Knuckles.   Aaaaaah, what a conundrum.

BLAZE X SONIC - You KNOW this is my OTP, people :P   Blaze is the best girl for Sonic.  She's strong, quick, and can keep up with Sonic in battle (and in some cases, maybe speed as well).  And it was Sonic (NOT SILVER) who helped her to open up her heart and learn what friendship is.   And yet some cry "Wouldn't Blaze/Sonic be just like Sally/Sonic?!"  yes and no....    Blaze and Sally are both princesses, and Sonic isn't the type to be held down by royalty....  but the different I see is that Sally mocks Sonic for who he is and in some cases would rather mold him into her preference.   Blaze on the other hand, having fought side-by-side with Sonic, accepts him for who he is.  Go ahead and comment with an argument.  I can provide points.

MINA X SONIC - Bu..bu..but Minkgiiiiirl, you just said Blaze x Sonic was your OTP!!!   It is, but I like other girls with Sonic as well.  Mina is a very cute match with Sonic.  She did the "fangirl crush" thing RIGHT.  And she PROVES her love for Sonic, rather than have it handed to her on a silver platter....   SHE'S the one that deserved Sonic during that ridiculous love triangle escapade....

FIONA X TAILS - ROBO-Fiona, mind you.....   I almost put a cartoon turd next to Fiona's name, but then I suddenly remembered that before Cosmo, there was Fiona.  And I ADORED TailsxFiona.... before she came back all older, all abused, and all bitchy and ruined.....   While my support goes to Taismo, a small part of me will always think fondly of Tails and Robo!Fiona. :heart:

TIKAL X CHAOS - Both their spirits live in the Master Emerald.... Tikal ain't gonna get with Knuckles anytime soon.....   May as well go with the next best thing, amirite?

HONEY X MIGHTY - I don't often follow bandwagon ships, but I HAVE to admit Honey x Mighty IS adorable looking XD.  It's my current obsession ATM, probably because we know so little of their characters, it's fun to just make something up ourselves.

TIARA X BREAKER - "Who the :iconcensoredplz: is Breaker?!"  Who here remembers MySpace?  *crickets chirp* Yeah, well, before everybody migrated to Facebook, Tiara's creator, Chris Senn, made a MySpace page for Tiara, and wrote a little adventure for her, and Breaker was one of her friends, and on her final journal entry (before MySpace most likely revamped itself and made itself more simplisitic, and thus the journal entries got deleted) she even says she quit smoking "in time for her first date with Breaker".   She even listed "Arrogant Hedgehogs" as a turn off on her page, which most likely indicates she didn't even care for Sonic that much.  ^^;  So yeah, I would link you, but y'know, MySpace sucks these days....

EDIT: Found it!!!!  I got the blog where Tiara says she went on a date with Breaker!!!…    Thank you, WayBack machine :rofl:

VANILLA X VECTOR - Blame Sonic X.  It made the pair look cute.  Sorry, Jenna... RIP, BTW. :heart:

CREAM X NACK - CRACK PAIRS FTW!!!!    No I'm not into pedophilia.  I like this pair as a friendship which MAY develop into something more... ONCE Cream turns eighteen.   I got into it from reading a Round Robin from 11 years ago...…

DULCY X ? - Not really the biggest fan of Dulcy either...   I_guess_I can kinda see her with Rotor, but I also see Rotor work better with a WHOLE slew of other girls.  I did read a fic where Rotor transformed into a dragon, so I guess it could work....  but I'm still reeling in diappointment from that lousy issue where she was with some dragon named Zan and he was physically abusing her, or what not...

BUNNIE X ANTOINE - Oh yeah!  GIMME!   I supported this pair since the SatAM days, LONG before Archie made them "ooey-gooey"

AMY X SILVER - They make a cute pair, and NOT just to pair them away from Sonic and Blaze. :P   I'm trying to think up a new Silvamy fic that involves Little Planet and Time Stones.  I mean, it makes sense!

MARINE X TAILS - Damn, Tails!  You're gettin' ALL the chicks today!   Marine would be my second choice, as the two get along very well, and share so many things in common.

SONIA X RAY - Yay, more crack pairs!!!   I'm not entirely sure HOW this couple came together in my mind, but it's so damn cute :D   And no, Sonia isn't a 16-year old pedophile chasing 11-year olds....   In my headverse, Ray is the same age as Sonic and Mighty, and thus the same age as Sonia, so there's no shame in her flirting with him and him being all bashful and nervous XD

MEGAN X MANIC - Hey, if Griffin Cooper gets to be in the Sonic Males meme, why can't I add a few fancharacters myself?  And since there_IS_a character named Megan in Archie (Elias' wife), you lot can all choose to think that's Megan Acorn and stick Elias' name in there.   Anyway, yeah, Megan is my Sonic Underground fancharacter, who is Tails' sister and Manic's love interest (though they're seen to be arguing alot XD)

VENOM X ESPIO - Obvious fancharacter is obvious.  I couldn't resist :rofl:   So yeah, I don't make them head-canon in my headverse.  I make it "headfanon" if that makes any sense XD  They're just cute personally. XD

JULIE-SU X FLOWER - Although I DESPISE Julie-Su, I would've left her out, but someone else added her as a bonus in their version, so I fugred, what the hell?  There are people who like her with Knuckles....    And I DO ship her with somebody....  my old fancharacter, Flower the JackRabbit, who ironically, was once Knuckles' girlfriend as well :rofl:   let's just say they're love for Knuckles and heartbreak when he leaves them BOTH in the dust for Rouge (or Shade, see above ^^;)  brings them together :giggle:

WAVE X JET - Not big on the Babylon Rogues, but if I had to choose someone for Wave, I think I prefer Jet.  Just because.

ALEENA X JULES - Meh.   I always likes Jules as Sonic's father.  I also like JulesXBernie, but I prefer to see Bernie as the stepmom.

TEKNO X SHORTFUSE - Even the Fleetway characters need love!  Why should all the attention go to the Archie ones? :P   Anyway, I know little to nothing about Shortfuse, other than he's the canon love interest for Tekno.   I don't make myself slave to canon, but sometimes if I can't think of a reason for a couple NOT to be together, I think, "Eh, why not?"

TEKNO X JET - This one seems more interesting though XD  I DID sort of tease at it in my "Monster Mayhem" fic.

HERSHEY X ? - Meh, I don't see her with anybody.  Not even Geoffrey St. John (I don't like that pair anyway).  Just a random cat chick that inadvertently framed Sonic for killing Sally.  But I had to choose between her and Saffron, and if I chose Saffron, I would've put a cartoon turd next to her name. :P   At least Hershey is more tolerable.

What's this?   You disagree with my choice of pairings?  Or did I say something that conflicts your opinion of a pair? :iconcomeatmeplz:   C'mon, bro!  Give it your best shot!

ORIGINAL: Who do you think the Sonic girls should date M by sweetheart1012
Chopper's got COFFEE by Toni-the-Mink
Chopper's got COFFEE
Art trade with :iconyrt9401:    He asked for Chopper high strung on coffee.  I figured he'd act alot like Charmy did in "Honey Hive Heist".   Kids with coffee go NUTS :rofl:

It's nice that Chopper has fans XD

I was going to add Vector in the background snickering his head off (he thinks it's all fun and games until someone slips Charmy some coffee and then HE has to go chase him all over XD    But i decided not to, because Vector's hard to draw :P   Tails had enough to worry about without getting a hard time from Vector XD

DeviantArt's new layout is a bit freaky.....  I guess this will take some getting used to.... o_o
First off, my coverage to Sonic Boom 2014.    Fair warning, does contain a bit of camera shakiness, and is about an hour long.    But it has lots of Mike Pollack goodness, plus VAs reading script lines, and a costume contest (see me dressed as Blaze the Cat! XD)

When you manage to finish that video, be sure to check out the next installment to the Top 100 Sonic Moments!

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For SonicRemix: What would you be willing to buy from her? (Check out her journal for more info:…
3 deviants said Digital artwork
3 deviants said T-shirts
2 deviants said Alls of the above! XD
1 deviant said Jewelry (custom necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc)
1 deviant said Custom room decorations (wall decorations, pictures, 3D pictures, mosaic pictures, etc)
No deviants said Posters
No deviants said Pins and badges (custom designs!)
No deviants said Custom designed clocks


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Pennsylvania

Favourite genre of music: Country, Rock, Anime, Games

Favourite style of art: Anime-ish, and cartoonish

MP3 player of choice: me iPod :P

Shell of choice: That of a turtle.

Wallpaper of choice: The sticky kind. :P

Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Personal Quote: "Freakin' ass wonderful..."


Trades - Ask Me by SweetDukeRequests - Friends Only by SweetDukeCollaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeKiribans - On Hold by SweetDukeCommissions - Open by SweetDuke
No Point Commissions by SweetDuke


-$5 rough sketch
Pigero and Solace by Toni-the-Mink

-$8 cleaned up, B/W, uncolored

-$10 fully colored, shaded, highlighted
Shoko Kazamaru, 10 yrs l8tr by Toni-the-Mink

NOTE: I am not limited to only Sonic. I will draw ANYTHING from any series.

One page counts as one art request. 6 panels maximum to a page.

$5 for a single
$8 for a double

My favorite keychains by Toni-the-Mink

One shots - $10

Chapters - $10 for the first chapter, $5 for each additional chapter

My stories tend to run up to 5-7 pages long, so starting costs are $10 ($5 if it is a continuing chapter)

However, if the oneshot or chapter I am writing exceeds 7 pages, I will tack on an additional $3 per extra page.

Additional $10 If you would like an illustration to go with the story, and for each chapter.

Ex. War of the Worlds - Chapt 1
"War of the Worlds"
By: Toni the Mink
Sonic and related indica (c) SEGA
Chopper the Chipmunk (c) Me (Please don't let one fancharacter scare you off.  He doesn't take center focus)
Set in the ArchieSonic universe.
This takes place after the events from my fancomic "The Metarex Saga".   So be sure to check that out (as well as my fangame walkthrough "Tails Adventure 2") to better understand what's going on.
If not, then just go with it. XD
Cocoa Island was huge.  It had many different areas from beaches, to the forests, to even an ice cap and a volcano.
Despite all of those, there weren't many habitants on the island.  It was a wonder why anybody would want to take it over and make anyone who lived there their slave.  There were once small bands of families at one point, but ever since that self-proclaimed "student of Dr. Eggman" attempt

You will need to provide for me the following....

-If it is an original story or based off a fandom (fanfic)
.......Brief description of each character in the story (age, personality, looks etc.)
-World of the story
-Plot (what you basically want to happen)



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